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  1. I'll take the Airbox and snorkle please. PM sent
  2. Popular upgrade to R33. SMIC Recently removed due to installing front mount. $150 offers welcome. Pick up North Melbourne
  3. Thanks for that. Would be great to get those photos as they are specific for s2 R33. Do they upload for anyone?
  4. Car was stock originally - They installed power fc, PFC boost controller, injectors, fuel pump, and high flow, then tune.
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone access and provide the photos from Luke's original tutorial? They don't seem to work anymore. I'm installing a return flow on my s2 soon and these photos will be a handy reference Thanks in advance.
  6. can vouch for Chasers - excellent!
  7. Hi all Decided to put my BOV up for auction on ebay. all ready to bolt on, nothing else needed Lkewise i can end the auction early if you would like to purchase, $110 or nearest offer + $10 post, just send a PM. Cheers
  9. My daily
  10. New never installed to suit R33 GTST. See example pic plus pics of actual item. $100 Pickup Geelong.
  11. $100 to the first person that sends me a PM!!!!! Bargain