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  1. Hey mate, mine is up for sale on the forum. Check it out.
  2. Bump Forgot to add that it has a new Exedy heavy duty clutch.
  3. This is my R33 Nissan Skyline which has proudly been in my possession for almost four years. Purchased almost completely stock at 130,000kms, this car has been maintained meticulously by me as someone who was and still is a big Skyline fan. It is sad to see her go but it is time to move on, as hard as it may be. This car has served me well, it has never seen a track however, taking it up the windy roads to terrigle is a blast, a raw driving experience and truely where the 6cyl turbo comes to life. This R33 has had 2 owners before me in Australia, car has lots of paperwork with it with history of import and servicing. I have replaced: - Fuel filter 10,000kms ago - Genuine nissan coil packs 20,000kms ago - HID lights (great for night time dirivng and does not attract unwanted attention) - Stock seats with genuine GTR seats valued at over $700 at the time, these seats are also in great condition unlike many others - Stock suspension with Ohlin PCV adjustable suspension worth $3,000 (needs to be driven to believe) - Body painted front strut brace for added chasis rigidity - Very recently added a boost controller to push boost from standard 7psi to a safe 10psi (this makes it much more enjoyable) 10,000kms ago exactly - Cat back exhaust, sounds great and isn't as loud as those cannon types - Interior dash lights changed to quality white LED's, look very sporty/modern at night - LED boost guage which can change colours - Nismo gear knob - Fairly new 265/45/17 tyres back and 245 at front This car made 155kw at the rear wheels on the dyno last year with stock boost. Still have the paperwork to show this. This R33 is ready for a new owner who not only wants a powerful RB25 but also a nice clean body to suit. For a fairly stock R33 this thing runs beautifully, it can be aggressive when needed and with the dampers set up the right way, it will feel like a track car, eating up any corner it comes across. Car also has a factory sunroof which is rare, and also has the front spoiler/lip which is hard to find but makes it much more aggressive than stock. Asking for $13,900 ONO. Engine and body in great condition, any inspection welcome as I am very confident in this car. Minor paint imperfections as can be expected with a car this age, nothing to fuss about as there is so much more to appreciate. Needs to be driven to be appreciated and comes with paperwork for piece of mind. No tire-kickers or low ballers, not in a rush to sell.
  4. Yep, you're in my contact list now.
  5. Really? I've seen great examples in many colours (dark blue, maroon, gunmetal grey, silver and white), but I'd love a white R33 GTR with black bits such as wing blade, dark tint, black front bar plastic bit and maybe black rims but silver and white go well too. That's just my taste though.
  6. Wow guys, its that good? Very keen to dine in next Friday or Saturday night, you all got me very curious! Sounds like a nice night for the misus and i. I'll be down for a cruise there too. See you there maybe James.
  7. Also just need to throw this in, lovingg the stance here .. http://www.dumpeddaily.com/shazs-r33/ Also the rear end, love it! Only thing i'd add is a series 2 face with the nice lip.
  8. Yeah pricey isn't it. If it really is in mint condition, wouldn't it be a shame to have it as a daily? All that and no log books, would be funny.
  9. What do you think about this little beauty.. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1997/SSE-AD-2501342/?Cr=2&sdmvc=1 $50k, looks to be in mint condition? Never seen one pop up like this before, driven 29K... even the seats look like they haven't seen much sun! Damn.
  10. Redbook? Who goes by that junk? How can that be used as a tool to estimate used car value, especially a 14+ year old skyline... They vary greatly in condition and many factors can influence the final price. Good luck with the sale mate.
  11. Just an update. Have had the Ohlins PCV coilovers installed for a few days now and my what a difference they have made! Its a whole new car because of them. Front shocks are 15/30 clicks rears i think theyre on 7/30 clicks from soft, they don't send shocks up your spine, they do allow your car to feel as if it is on rails, until you understeer. I know coilovers are not meant for eliminating body roll, but these definitely reduced the roll in a major way. Coupled with the GTR seats i have installed, this is a killer combination which i would recommend to anyone! It almost feels like your at time zone drivin a car in those simulators. I just want a set of sway bars to complete the package. The best money ive spent on the car so far.
  12. Problem solved. Bought the upright for $80 and had it installed by Tims Performance on Sunnyholt road for $30, fair price as i did not want to undo everything again. I'll let him install the rears as well! Lovin the front coilovers already. Cheers guys.
  13. Oh damn haha my luck. You broke the bolt on the LHS upright too?
  14. Yeah thought so, need this today and people on here have not answered me yet so i guess $80 it is.
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