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  1. These are still available Rays goodness for cheaper than a set of stock GTR rims!!! 900ono
  2. G'day mate...tyres still have plenty of tread but there is a bit of wear on the inside edges. However I should add that the tyres are pretty old and the rubber itself is probably past its best.
  3. If those are the rims you are talking about in your signature photo, that offset looks tough!! These rims are still available
  4. FS thread closed! Payment received and item sent!
  5. Thanks for the comment Chris...I take it you have a set of rims with this offset on your gtst?
  6. No interest in these cheap, great looking Rays/Volk rims? I should have added that these have never been repaired or bent. If you are unsure how they will fit/look on your GtsT, I would be happy to arrange a trial fitment.
  7. Lol yes it was mate...just wanted it gone and it looks like it is
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