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  1. Following up on some feedback from entrants we have reviewed the results from rounds 1 and 2, fixed some errors nad put together the combined results from rounds 1 and 2. Round 3 is the be held at Eastern Creek on October 30. There are still chances to win prizes but not long left to enter so if you want to come to the creek you better get your entry in soon. Reviewed results for each round: I'm only human so if you find an error let me know, I did spend a fair bit of time reviewing everything so it should be correct. Results were taken from Natsoft so if your timing transponder had an issue or you werent on the Natsoft list thats beyond my control.
  2. The cumulative score is very close. i went back and reviewed every time (a substantial job) after some errors were discovered and im putting them together. You should see a post tomorrow or on the weekend at latest. I wont post up the entry list as not everyone from there is on SAU or may not want to be listed on a public forum. But if anyone wants to know if they are confirmed in they can PM me. I know thats different to the way SAU normally does things.
  3. The passenger discussion is probably a bit of a detour as far as this event is concerned. Probably best to PM an exec if that needs to be followed up. Now I've got a list of entrants as of Tuesday and we are still looking to fill a bunch of Nissan spots. If the spots arent filled very soon the opportunity will be opened and promoted to other clubs to fill the numbers. If you want SAU to get the chance to be invited to a full track Eastern Creek day in future the best thing you can do is support it by entering. Remember you will need a CAMS license, if you dont have one get your paper work in ASAP.
  4. it isnt relevant to the thread and was a single vehicle matter that would be almost impossible to replicate in a skyline. Other than gossip there is no benefit in discussing it.
  5. It was a bit harsh digging the boot in to the guy with the 808, he knows more than anyone that he stuffed up. And he's not the only one to have caused a delay at a track day - going off, fluid spills, etc.. it happens. My point was speed off the streets is a bit of a lucky dip and for a newbie doing 1:20+ to start off with that can be a bit intimidating. Club days have a bit more guidance involved. I hope the OP has a good time though and is lucky like you were to get lots of empty track. As a matter of record - im not sure if SAU usually allows more entrants on their usual days but the combined days we were involved in had a maximum of 45-50 from memory, across 3 speed groups you are probably looking around 15-16 at the most, and usually the day thins out reasonably quickly. It might not be much but 20 v 15 cars makes a big difference.
  6. if you are new to track days (not saying the OP is or isnt) speed off the streets might be jumping in the deep end a little since whats on the track with you depends on what else turns up. A club day like the december one will make sure noobs and similar performance levels are grouped together closer in terms of relative speed.
  7. the passengers decision is at the discretion of the hosting club. I would go out on a limb and say they want to maximise timed track sessions for entrants.
  8. good to hear, thanks for giving John the shoutout he deserves for supporting club level guys like us.
  9. Yep there are still spots available, although for obvious reasons the sooner people enter the less chance of missing out. I'll post up when its almost full. If you are serious about entering but waiting on the car to be ready you can get your form through and pay a little bit later. It wont reserve your spot but the organiser can contact you if it's filling up and your cash still isnt in yet. Edit: Don't stress too much about the type. If you arent sure get your entry in and we can figure that out later. Also dont forget you'll need a CAMS license, please get it arranged early to avoid hassles
  10. That's right. maximum 100 entrants. Likely numbers will be somewhere between 80 and 100, looking for around 20-25 per manufacturer. That might sound like a lot but it's a bigger track than wakefield and with the cost of EC you need a fair few entrants. I dont think anyone will go home unhappy with the amount of track time they get.
  11. I think there was an issue with Excel sorting. I'll go through the times and make sure they match up. There will be another update. Thanks guys.
  12. Send me a PM with your full name and I'll let you know if its on the list I have. I wont put up the list at the moment since my copy would be a few days out of date but anyone wanting confirmation can PM me. I'll get the point mix up sorted out. Sorry to hear you cant make it a20089 - it was good talking to you at the previous rounds. Hope everything goes well with the birth and that we'll see the family at the track another time.
  13. That AS/NZS standard has been in place for ages. They stopped accepting the AS/NZ version maybe around 3 years ago, drag racing is too much fun to stop for that reason. Just grab a cheapie from MCAS if its an issue. Edit: If your helmet meets the other standards like SNELL it should have been ok.
  14. I am getting updates on a weekly basis from the WRX club regarding entrant numbers. At the moment there are a few skylines but there is plenty of room for more. There's a bunch of WRX's and Evo's to show up so hopefully we see more Nissan entries soon.
  15. I've attached the point score for round 2 and I'd encourage competitors to check it out and let me know if there are any problems. If there are no complaints/problems found I'll put up a combined standings from both events in the next few days. Before anyone says it yes I know these are late, it's an area for improvement that will need attention if we run other events of this nature. The results for round 3 will be up in a much shorter time frame. The thread for round 3 - now at Eastern Creek on the 30th of October - is here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/375673-kumho-lap-battle-championship-round-3-date-location-change/
  16. did you pay on their website as per recommened or just write on entry form? He got back to me reasonably quickly yesterday afternoon so maybe give it a bit longer. If you dont get anywhere send me a PM.
  17. Good stuff, red eye flight to the track day also ive been informed forms can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] (direct to the WRX club) if faxing is a problem.
  18. yep NA, he is on his green P's but after going passenger in the FC last time I did texi and at WP he decided he had to get himself into a RWD sporty car. Ended up finding this one. I'll try to enter the next one provided there are no unexpected apex seal failures
  19. The red n/a s14 is my brothers car, I'm sure he'd be happy for you to post up any footage you got of him or send me a PM if you want to email it. He doesnt come on here much.
  20. Thats unusual. I'll PM you to make sure Ive got your details right.
  21. working on the point score. tk80 - that restriction was from the WRX club so is unique to this round. Remember this is their booking. The vast majority of our entrants across the 2 days fell into one of those 4 manufacturers anyway.
  22. I've created a new thread as mentioned above for the Eastern Creek event: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/375673-kumho-lap-battle-championship-round-3-date-location-change/
  23. Some initial questions I am expecting are: How will this event work with the WRX club event ? We will all run as per the WRX club supersprint. We'll gather the times from sprint sessions and put them together to form the 3 scoring rounds as per the previous days. Whats the go with the categories in the regulations? The WRX club uses CAMS based classes which everyone will fit into somewhere. It has no bearing on our lap battle championship and is for rankings against everyone else on the day. CAMS classes wont stop you from being able to race and we wont put majorly mismatched cars on the track together. If you aren't sure what you are post up and we'll figure it out. Will there be education sessions? Yes. The morning will include familiarisation sessions - we want to make sure everyone has a fun & safe trip to Eastern Creek When are entries due? The WRX club are requesting entry by the 25th of September. If the event isnt fully subscribed by that point we'll take it from there. Are extinguishers required? YES
  24. I have emailed all the lap battle championship competitors from round 2 and am working on contacting entrants from round 1. As per Eric's request I am creating a thread here to address any confusion that might arise from my email. My comment in a previous thread: SAU NSW will run the December 17th day in a format of their choice free from the constraints of accommodating the championship. Quoting Eric / Pezhead I've attached the entry form and regulations for the day which should help clarify things. I do ask that you let me know you have entered so I can keep a list updated of who is attending. Post here, PM me or email chrisgATrenew.asn.au Note: This is booking is by the WRX club and running under CAMS permit. You'll need an L2S and to be a financial member of a CAMS affiliated club - most likely that will be RENEW or SAU NSW. You are strongly advised to read the regulations but don't freak out, if you have any questions just ask and if I cant answer immediately I'll get answers. Getting worked up won't help anyone. 2011_30_10_ECSS_Entry_Form.doc 2011_30_10_ECSS_Supp_Regs_CAMS.pdf
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