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  1. Does anyone know who (if anyone) in Aus / NSW rebuilds buddyclub coilovers? I have a set for my rx7 that needs to be rebuilt so I'm buying new coilovers but if they can be rebuilt it makes a big difference to whether I can get some cash for them or if they should just go in the bin.
  2. 1 got repetitive and having to blend constantly got annoying but i enjoyed it, and 2 was a massively improved game. Story line was awesome and i'll be getting on number 3 for sure.
  3. yep they were WSID numbers and it must have been the guy's first time out. FT before the number = noob.
  4. I'm pretty sure erina ultratune has an AWD mainline dyno. Its on the coast but still a better option than driving all the way to sydney.
  5. Actually I followed you along the gosford waterfront in my orange XR6 Monday or Tuesday morning. Didnt know it was you though until we were talking about formal car stuff last night.
  6. Even with PC only games it still comes down to supporting the wider audience which means lower specs. Wider audience = bigger sales. No use releasing a game that's amazing if it wont make money.
  7. Also I havent heard from any organisers about helping out yet, help not needed anymore?
  8. that link you posted or mcas are the go. I prefer to try it on first so mcas was good for me.
  9. i meant an xr6 turbo not the f6. I think the xr6 turbo will be in your price range and used with 12-18 months on them they are low 30s.
  10. You can get an FG xr6t for similar price to the holden, ive never driven the FG but they reckon the smaller turbo on the FG makes them super responsive and factory or light mods BF vs FG xr6t the FG is faster. I think you'll be happy with either but if you are going the ford path maybe consider an FG as well.
  11. spotted nis 32r on the f3 today, looked like it had some massive dish on those white rims.
  12. I'm looking for a formal car for next friday, doing a run from tumbi to terrigal and willing to pay. Mick (ejd001) abd br3tt both know me so if you have any doubts that it's a legit request send them a pm. My thread is here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Fo...Co-t343311.html Cheers.
  13. Hey guys, My little brother is looking for a formal car or two for this Friday. I'll be taking my RX7 but he has a few extra mates looking for rides. Looking at needing an hour of your time, picking up from Tumbi @ 5:30 and dropping off at Terrigal, stopping to take a few pics in between. Willing to pay for your time so if you are available and interested PM me with your number and a pic of your car and we'll work out a price. Br3tt was going to help out in his 32 gtr but can't make it and he can vouch for this being a legit request since I know a lot of you don't know me. Cheers, Chris.
  14. If you have an accident in a prohibited vehicle i suspect you wont have any insurance at all and you'd be up on some serious charges especially if someone is hurt/killed. Insurance companies will drop you if you give them an easy out like this.
  15. Easy and relatively cheap power to be had with the FPV, more so than with the holden. I'm very happy with my bf xr6t with the zf auto. One thing though you're mentioning a 2 year old fpv and a new holden? Why not compare an FG xr6t/f6 as well?
  16. Followed by their reply "so why do you think we would want to insure a smart arse showing the wrong attitude". At best you'll end up with a policy that's been jacked up a bit. You're not the one in a position of power in this one, their customer base > your potential insurers. You should also use that question next time you speak to cops
  17. I think you've gotta expect to be hassled if you have an exemption, first thing they are going to see is a p plate and banned car and want to have a look. A lot have conditions attached so they'll want to see if you really are working or travelling to X spot, etc..
  18. You can do groups in fable 2 as well, a hooker said she can join in so I performed the expression to two wenches at once and bam. Afterwards both had the 'love numbers' increase.
  19. MCAS do cheap helmets that you can pick up instore. The bloke there thought i was mental wanting an open face helmet for drag racing until i mentioned i was doing it in a car
  20. Shannons can use discretion - it's up to the person you speak to, i have had a turbo insured with them since i was 21. There's things that help like track experience, history of powerful cars, driving record, knowing your mods and having the right sort of mods (20" chromies, hot pink paint and white leather interior will pretty much equal rejection for anyone), etc..
  21. wasn't going to do this one, not sure if my new car will be up to it but then I saw the courses. Can someone send me a PM about helping out? If you help out you can do a few runs at lunch right? That would be enough for me right now I think.
  22. maybe you shouldn't worry about it. It sounds like your car is doing everything it can to stuff the engine so it gets a 25 in there
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