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  1. 2nd place to the stig, i can live with that. Which car out of curiosity?
  2. so who is reece? looks like he was the only one to beat me (43) on course 1. It seems that the mazda is a bit quicker around a texi than my falcon is, who'd have thought it ?
  3. good videos there and lots of coverage for everyone. Cheers!
  4. Yep you did, but i want more! Preferably with smoke
  5. looking forward to vids, hopefully you got some of me in the black rx7. Waiting for a link
  6. waiting for pics is even worse than waiting for the event
  7. it was a good day and im suprised the rain held out as long as it did. Huge thanks to the guy with the white 180, without his fathers help i dont think i would have got the battery secured and got out on the track. Looking forward to pics and results.
  8. I was going to say 80hp would be pretty slow, maybe charade drivers?
  9. Please post up if you get anywhere with applying it to tarmac cars. Could be perfect for my rx7.
  10. All good, at least i know you got it and are going to bother replying.
  11. who brings 80hp NA? Forecast doesnt look too bad. Hopefully it holds out until the arvo.
  12. insurance still covers unnamed drivers unless it is specifically excluded - like if its a performance car with a no under 25's stipulation or if you choose to lower your premium by not having young un-named drivers. I'd go for the assumption that he is insured, it will be a lot faster.
  13. I've got a series 5 (FC) RX7, if you are interested in that model send me a PM on pricing, whether your cages are cams approved, etc..
  14. I think it was the rear right that got wrecked most on my car, i just thought it was the course layout though. I did 2 texis on 1 set of rubber, the only reason i managed to kill it then was because i dual entered my xr6 and my mate did even more skids than I did.
  15. an FD would be a reasonable option too that hasnt been mentioned. Wouldn't an evo 8 be stretching towards the higher end of the 20k range too? If you are thinking of doing a bit of drifting or any skidpan/texi events go the RWD, it'll still be good on a circuit too. The reverse doesnt really apply as much. I'd say the s15, but thats probably the most expensive car there to insure as well.
  16. Ok so now it comes down to a BF FPV vs the FG XR6T, this is a pretty common discussion on fordxr6turbo.com if you are buying one its worth taking the time to sign up. The BF and FG FPV use the same turbo, its also the same as the B series xr6 turbos. In the FG they switched the xr6 to a slightly smaller turbo which i believe maxes out around 330-340 rwkw give or take. The upside to this is they boost quicker, not that i find that an issue in my 6 speed auto BF xr6t anyway. The FG xr6t also seems to reel off higher figures on the dyno completely stock and I believe some guys are hitting high 12s standard in auto. My uncle has an FG g6et (same engine wise as the FG xr6t) and i think he said it ran up into the mid 200 rwkw range stock, not even retuned. Either car would really benefit from a small bit of cash spent on a flash tuner + high flow cat + injectors. If theres anything you want to ask feel free to PM me.
  17. I think you'll find the price doesnt vary much between a 2k and 5k car, a big chunk of that is the risk to a third party. Went through a lot of comparisons when my little brother recently got his P's. All you can do is shop around and hope for the best. Some like AAMI will give you your parents no claim bonus if they are with them.
  18. Any chance of another entrants list update? It would be nice to see my name on the list. It also might help push people to enter if they see less spots available.
  19. agree, makes a mockery of safety. of course this might seem like theyre making life easier for people now it's probably something much more underhanded like minimising opposition when they double their revenue raising efforts later. Maybe as part of a holiday blitz?
  20. justin from blacktrack does good work, its just a mission getting in touch with him sometimes. I would use a trusted mechanic for maintenance (to avoid the delays) and justin for tuning if you can wait.
  21. you would wanna play AC2 first for sure, number 1 isnt as important IMO. My copy should arrive tomorrow, damn dse online.
  22. Thanks. Didnt have any luck with fulcrum, ill see what condition they are in when they come out and if any rebuild kits are available online, if not i'll bin them.
  23. just ordered the collectors edition for $89 from DSE (you need to enter a code). Should come in tomorrow or friday.
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