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  1. Results are up for round 1: http://www.renew.asn.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=747
  2. As the other poster said its likely that many forms would require a full cams spec cage and fixed seats - especially anything door to door so would rule out your road legal 34. If you are looking to rally especially its probably better to get a second dedicated track car, that way if you bend it you dont wreck/disable your road car. Theres a few more hazards there than on a racetrack so your odds of a stack go up. Oh and its probably cheapest to buy a car already set up even if it needs a little work. my105.com is a good place to start looking
  3. 180 or silvia are great options. I thought I'd do something a little different with my FC, but if you buy a race only one FDs are getting pretty cheap too. With a few well planned mods they are quite capable.
  4. Texi requires a fire extinguisher too and is done at much slower speeds. I'll be there as a renew entrant.
  5. spotted jun 26l on the weekend going through east gosford.. looked pretty good.
  6. gregor

    Good Tow Cars?

    maybe but im happy to pay the price. The turbo 6 did it so easily, i would think the NA would struggle a little more. Even if not then you're stuck with an NA thats not as fun when you arent towing.
  7. gregor

    Good Tow Cars?

    +1 for the falcons. After reading this thread i was a bit worried about towing my rx7 with my BF xr6t to Wakefield but it did it beautifully.
  8. +1 There has been talk about a track at a couple of places up north including Wyong on the Central Coast. Last I heard they have trouble with approval because no-one wants it near them. A few people whinge and thats it, bad luck no track.
  9. If anyone needs proof of how far a forum war can go google powerchip..
  10. Id be getting their reason in writing and then calling Nissan Australia head office - you've spent a lot of money with them and thats the sort of customer they wouldnt want to lose (logic being if you can afford a GTR you can probably afford to buy your mrs a new nissan whatever every few years, etc..) so ask them to look after you. Worst case they say no and you are no worse off.
  11. No direct prizes for that but it should put you in a good position for points in the street class when the points are released. Finish first overall (all 3 days) for the class and theres a good prize.
  12. gts4 - the reason they were on the track at the same time was because it was an untimed driver training session with passengers allowed. There were speed groups for the timed sessions. No-one was getting laptimes except the ones with in car devices. Most drivers handled themselves appropriately and werent going 10/10ths. Passing on the corners wasn't allowed and numbers on the track at once were within normal conditions for any wakefield day I've heard of.
  13. the fire only stopped after duncan and myself put it out before the fire truck arrived.
  14. The exit lane is pretty narrow and a reasonably tight turn. Not sure how fast everyone exited but i reckon 40-60 is what i was doing at that point too. Still not even a thanks for us putting out the fire in the 300, would have been much worse if we didnt.
  15. Relax dude it'll be sweet. We will manually assign the classes and match them up with round times and announce the points. If I need to I'll contact individual owners to see where exactly their car fits if there is any doubt. I'm not sure what happened with the timing people assigning class but we'll try to get it sorted for next time.
  16. The numbers arent quite like that but I'm sure SAU took club bragging rights for the day. The turnout of skylines was stronger than the rotor turn out and we gave a few extra spots to SAU. I think next time will have a better balance though. edit: when i get the figures i'll try to put together and overall point score for each club and one with just skylines and rotors just for interests sake.
  17. Best thing would be to speak to the tuner again, a touch up will probably be enough. If there is a small issue most decent tuners would like the chance to fix it up.
  18. I'll have to chase up what the go with the F is. It looks like putting the points together is going to be a manual process and I believe we have a spreadsheet with each of the entrants and what class they were in. I'll try to get that sorted out in the next few days.
  19. All good, Ive said all I needed to say about that. If it's the 33 then its a non issue. More pics guys!
  20. I'm uploading ~150 shots to the renew facebook page www.facebook.com/renewrotary plenty of non rotary shots in there too thanks to my brother. They're just point and shoot pics but the more the better i reckon. Some samples (I have higher res versions if anyone wants them):
  21. I'm not saying they would or wouldn't i'm just saying it would be wise to check first to avoid issues on the day. The vehicle type would be the big issue for me - it's very low and open topped vehicle unlike yours and I wouldn't like to see what would happen if a full sized car like a gtr had a run in with one. The speed and dynamics of it add another dimension to the safety question. I suggested my old boss who races a minetti in the same class as radicals and wests to a track day and the concerns I'm mentioning now are the sort of things that came up in the discussion. The club hosting the day and its executives can be liable if something goes badly wrong and they did the wrong thing, given that I'd say it needs to be discussed first.
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong here but your car is lapping in the middle of the time range of the entrants we had (give or take a second or two). A radical should be much faster and will probably out handle the other cars in the fast group but not have as much straight line speed. Inter forum smack talking aside if Neil really wants to enter that he'll need to clear it with Don since this next day is hosted by renew.
  23. Continuing from the last thread - if you mean your radical then that doesnt exactly count for the competition does it? If you're serious you better speak to Don (i can give you his email) before entering to see if it will be allowed on the track with normal cars. There could be safety concerns involved. The cars I'm talking about are FDs but it's just what I hear for now and who knows what will hapen in 2 months. I've got some pics to sort through and I'll out some of the better ones up later
  24. Yep we'll claim the winner. The rotarys did alright all things considered. After switching to better semis later in the day mal's FD dropped a few seconds off his PB, he's only going to get faster next time too. Word on the street is some of the big guns are showing up to the next event. And most importantly my apex seals are still where they should be
  25. I get that, its more of a courtesy thing. I was going to send you a quick PM but i thought it better to say it generally in case anyone else was posting them too. No offence meant.
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