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  1. This thread needs a revival. My two.
  2. Hey man, Not sure how much of an OEM purist you are (I am most of the time myself haha) but a company called Kmak Aero make the factory aero skirts for sedan which look pretty nice. I haven't bought them myself as I have the factory Nissan ones but maybe get onto them and see if they can ship to US? https://www.kmakaero.com.au/shop-kmak-aero-products/r32-skyline-aero/r32-4-door-sedan/r32-mspec-gtr-st/ Also nice sedan. Are those gold badges on the fenders and if so, are the front badge and rear badges gold too? I'll buy them if you would be willing to get rid of them? xD But I'm assuming you'll want to keep them on there. Let us know how you go.
  3. I can confirm these won't fit an R32 without substantial piping modification.
  4. I wouldn't even pay $2k for it knowing this.
  5. I specially only scanned that one page for this thread haha so I haven't scanned the rest at this stage...
  6. Hey Stribs, Love the head unit with equalizer that you have managed to get a hold of. Not sure of the going rate for those ones but I have scanned and uploaded a page in the late model R32 Skyline optional parts catalogue I have. I haven't resized the scan so it's as high-res as you'll get from me. https://imgur.com/a/Rjp1I
  7. Nice work with the dynamat, must feel good replacing the factory stuff with newer fresher stuff. I removed all the sound deadening from my 32 sedan, sometimes regretting it. I guess I could always do what you've done.
  8. Really nice progress, will be very satisfying for you once complete. Keep it up.
  9. Saw this at GT-R Festival. Awesome that you brought it all the way to Sydney for the event. Keep enjoying the car.
  10. vic 

    It looks like a clean car. Maybe give it a wash, touch up the wheels and front lip and post some more photos that will present the car a bit nicer than it already is. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Thanks Jimmy! What's the history of your R32 GT-R?
  12. Here's some of my photos from the day.
  13. Still readily available from Nissan for 2 doors but the 4 door ones have been discontinued for some years now. I'm not aware of any that will fit from any other model.