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  1. -Jimmy-

    How's the car running man? :)
  2. -Jimmy-

    Sorry I know where the regulator is, I shouldn't have asked that haha. So you think your factory one was faulty and that caused to pump to fail, or at least you hope that is what the problem is? When the fuel pump in my 32 was nearing the end of it's life I also discovered that on a dyno, however there were never any signs of it failing.
  3. -Jimmy-

    How did you know the regulator was screwed? Where is that located and what did you do to fix it? Would that have killed the pump do you think?
  4. -Jimmy-

    That's the issue I'm trying to chase which is why I posted in this topic to begin with. It's an S2 R33 RB25DET that is cutting out and coming back and then cutting out again, stalling etc. Sometimes is okay for a day, then it will be bad the next day and won't even drive 100m. We've tried AFM already with a refurbished one. I thought it had to be this but it still has the problem. I'm not sure how much I trust the refurbished units so I've sourced another AFM which is apparently a good one but not refurbished so we'll see how that goes. It could be so many different things.
  5. -Jimmy-

    Yeah okay interesting. Well update this thread if any other issues arise. Hopefully it's fixed though.
  6. -Jimmy-

    I'll have my non-GT-R (R32 sedan) in the Nismo display area.
  7. -Jimmy-

    Hey mate, Any luck diagnosing this?
  8. -Jimmy-

    He might mean the GT-R Festival. http://motivedvd.com/motive/gt-r-festival/
  9. -Jimmy-

    Made the trip from Newcastle up to Queensland for the Thursday night Archerfield drifting, and also QR Matsuri on the weekend.
  10. V35 Catalogues/Brochures sold, R35 still available.
  11. Tidy bay. Good luck with the rest of the project!
  12. I approve of the NA R32, especially with the RB25. I enjoyed mine for about 10 years both on the track, and daily driving. There's more to owning a car than just having lots of power. They still handle well, are fairly reliable, look great, are becoming more desirable but less common and have lots of character. Good luck.
  13. -Jimmy-

    Yeah Joey!
  14. -Jimmy-

    That's awesome you still have yours CeJay! Still looking the same. I have to share another of mine, took some proper photos of it tonight after it has been all cleaned up.
  15. Whoever merged my threads, can you please return 'V35' and 'R35' to the title? I do not have permission to edit my own thread.