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  1. From memory it's under the center console near the air bag sensor
  2. Soooooo............ when the next get together happening ? Robert
  3. Sorry to bring up an old topic but has anyone cracked this yet Cheers Rob
  4. Will be there first time at jdm meet.
  5. Mmmmmm let me see ........ 1. FMIC 2. Removed passenger door lock 3. Relocated Auto Cooler 4. Dolphin bummper and grill 5. Masa front Fenders 6. Converted Navi to Standered Aircon 7. Front and Rear swaybars 8. 350z Front Rotors 9. Rs 260 spoiler(copy) 10. Subbox and Guage pod by member FGJOH 11. Rola roof rack 12. full 3" exhast 13. Niztune(to be installed) I think thats it so far............. Cheers Darq
  6. Just go the subbox today, fitted it and it's frick sweet next thing is to fit the gauge pod thinking about getting the r/h one but need it for an amp. Cheers
  7. Same any weekend and i'll be there
  8. Merry X-mas to all and a happy and SAFE new year
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