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  1. Racepace built Nissan Stagea RS4 manual 300kw For Sale $17,500 I’m taking expressions of interest as i'm deciding if I should part out my car or sell as is. The Car: Modified 2000 Nissan Stagea RS4 WGNC34 manual (converted), personal vehicle owner of Racepace Motorsport. I have owned this vehicle since 2009, it has 220,000km on the chassis 51,000km on the engine. The chassis is straight, but is showing age with car park scratches, paint chips and worn interior parts, as well as other small annoyances like clunks behind door trims on big bumps, but generally in great condition for its age and presents well. I have since purchased another daily and need to decide what to do with this car. The Stagea drives well, handles quiet reasonably, has plenty of torque and has been super reliable for me. I have used on three occasions as a tow vehicle for the track GTR and it performs well. The engine bay looks standard enough to pass roadworthy and satisfy road side inspections. The car is making a reliable 290kw on 98 (stock piping is holding this back a little) and I have had it on E85 as a little test making 340kw at the wheels. Piping could be changed to increase the peak power output if desired, but this car was built for the torque and mid power and I wanted the bay to look stockish and see how far we could push the OEM manifold and piping etc. Plus I didn't want any extra attention if pulled over. Car is located in Ferntree Gully / Bayswater, VIC I have found it difficult to come up with an evaluation / sale price, as I appreciate the market value is low and will never reflect the price of the modifications. So my thoughts were to come up with a list of all the parts and come up with prices I think are reasonable on the second hand market as per below. I feel I would be happy to let the car go as is for $17,500, but if I can't get this, then it will be worthwhile to part it out. Here is a list of the modifications and my evaluation: Racepace built RB30/25 with neo head, built in 2009, this is built to our stage 1 package with forged pistons, RB30 OEM crank and rods, N1 oil pump, new thermostat, full head recondition, Racepace custom bearings, full balance, precision assembly etc, with sump adaptor, diff ratios are C34 auto 4.08:1 $7500 Racepace 3.5" exhaust with 3.5" CAT and two Racepace 3.5" mufflers and 3.5" dump / front pipe $2200 Garret GT35 ball bearing with smaller FG XR6 compressor wheel, 0.82A/R internally gated turbine housing and 14PSI actuator $850 Shockworks custom coilovers (we have tried multiple valving codes and spring rates to get the ride optimal) $1200 Wheels and Tyres - 18" Enkei RPF1 with ATR sport tyres $1500 Brembo F40 330mm two piece front brake kit $1700 Blitz Intercooler kit (stagea version) $250 NIStune RS4 ECU $200 Rescaled stock pink 3pin AFM to Z32 Scale $200 R35 GTR fuel injectors $150 Split fire NEO coils $400 3+ tonne tow bar with hayman-reece hitch $450 Nismo rear GT LSD - 2 way (modified by Racepace to be acceptable on the street - softened off) $850 Registrable and complied Manual Rolling shell $2500 with: GTR 5 speed, Racepace transfer case modification Walbro 255 fuel pump + relay setup Nismo clear side indicators Mongoose M80 alarm Sony MP3 / ipod head unit, alpine amp Hardrace rubber rear camber arms (plus more) Total estimated parts valuation: $19,950+
  2. Fully overhauled Nissan Stagea WGNC34 automatic transmission Location: Bayswater, VIC Price: I would take $1800 for it. Reconditioned torque converter – 2,500RPM stall Full seal kit, inc filters, sump gasket, etc Raybestos clutches All new shift solenoids Bumped up line pressures Racepace transfer case modifications (transfers more torque to front wheels) valued at $1000 This auto operates normally and drives perfectly smooth as a daily driver in a Stagea / GTT 4 door, but was built to tow a GTR racecar / handle bigger power. Would suit RB powered drag application with custom ECU to manage the auto. (which is available for about $800) Spent $2800 on rebuild. Its done approx 12,000km since rebuild, no current faults, removed to fit 5 speed GTR manual box.
  3. If it doesn't sell let us know. e: [email protected] p: (03) 97629421 We have a customer looking for an exhaust at the moment.
  4. It would appear that they are ARC pipes. See here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ARC-Genuine-Japan-Front-Down-Pipe-Nissan-Skyline-R32-R33-R34-GT-R-RB26DETT-RARE-/121147479165?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c34f3d47d&_uhb=1
  5. $34 to 2750 via Couriers Please road express (1-2 Business days) $36 via Toll road (1-2 Business Days)
  6. For sale built Racepace RB26 Stage 1 long motor. $8900 outright, or $8100 exchange. Long motor is in Bayswater VIC, will freight at buyers cost. Suitable for applications up to 380kw at the wheels. Features: - Block / head inspected, water and oil gallery plugs removed, hot-tanked, crack and pressure tested. - Block bored and honed (strainer plate), decked to correct compression height, crank tunnel line honed to RPM specs. - Block strengthened to overcome weak points in the block - Oil galleries modified, tap galleries, fit threaded plugs, new welsh plugs. - Conrods resized, bushes replaced and individually honed to suit piston pins. - New OEM R34 / N1 Crankshaft, rotating assembly fully balanced. - Race Pace Custom Forged Piston and ring set (Improved combustion chamber shape) - Nissan N1 Oil Pump (Modified), Nissan N1 water pump. - New Nissan or Nismo thermostat - Race Pace custom main and big end bearings. - Cylinder Head: Replace valve guides / stem seals, cut seats, face valves, match chambers, surface, re-shim valve clearances to RPM specs - New OEM cambelt, new tensioner and idler pulleys. - Fully blueprinted, block painted and precision assembly.
  7. For sale, used R34 GTR Intercooler end tanks with a new Adrad high flow 55mm Core. The core dimentions are 600mm x 270mm x 55mm. The pressed end tank design of the OEM unit can often fail under bigger boost (20+PSI), as was the case with this one. The R34 size core is optimized for twin low mount smaller turbo's, say up to -5's. The Adrad core design is much freer flowing internally with very low restriction (pictured), however with a smaller core size such as this it was limited to 380kw. We wanted to make more, so this core was swapped for a 100mm core. The intercooler has only done 10x dyno pulls. $850 firm = less than the cost of the core and fabrication cost. Pickup from Bayswater, or freight at your cost.
  8. Up for sale I have a set of used Titanium front pipes to suit R32, R33 or R34 GTR. These came on a R34 GTR Japan and the rest of the cat back titanium system was Mines branded. So we assume they are Mines. Fair condition - has a small ding on the lowest hanging part of the front pipe (pictured) Pickup from Bayswater, or plus freight to you. $350
  9. Hey everyone, having a cleanup at Racepace and all our un-used catback exhausts are for sale! Shipping is not available and they come as-is. Email us at [email protected] Pickup is available from: Racepace Motorsports 9/6 Holloway Drive, Bayswater 3153 In order from exhausts top of the photo to the titanium one closest. Pricing is COD. $50 R33 GTR 3” Pipe 3” Tip $100 R32 GTR HKS Middle muffler removed 3.25” Pipe 4.5” Tip $150 R33 GTR Centre muffler has 1 crack (Pictured) 3” Pipe Comes with 3" De-cat pipe 4.25” Tip $150 R32 GTS-T Blitz Nur Spec 3” Pipe 4.3” Tip $250 R34 GTR Titanium Fujitsubo 1 Hanger missing 2 x 2.5” Pipes Dented under centre muffler (Pictured) 4.5” Tip
  10. Can anyone tell me who stocks the R35 AFM plugs? I have a good source of AFM's, but not the plug. Also anyone got a pin out for the R35 AFM?
  11. So... Is a z221 quicker than an A050 in the same compound? Eg medium. In a circuit sprint situation.
  12. New PB Sandown - 1:17.59 http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?25/03/2012.SAND.P2 Engine: RacePace Stage 1 RB26 Power: 340kw @ Racepace Dyno on E85 Tyres: ADVAN AO50 265/35/18 mediums
  13. What outlet flange is on the 1.06 rear housing? 4 bolt round hole thing? Internally gated rear housing or external gate?
  14. Yep - that would be the figure I would expect too. 280rwkw seems to be all most of the return flow intercoolers will push anyway, so there is no point getting a bigger turbo than this, as you will still end up with 270ish.
  15. Actually I would expect it to be a pretty good match for a Neo RB25 as it's roughly 20% bigger wheels than OEM using the OEM housings. Also it all bolts directly back on. Plus the added benefit of steel wheels = no more 12PSI limit, not to mention ball bearing vs plain bearing. I think I did lines for around $270 using speedflow fittings, teflon braided -4 oil line and pushlock water hose. That's 4x lines and 2x fittings into the block.
  16. It was never fully tuned on the RB20, as the injectors were also maxing out. We could only set the boost at 12PSI max before injectors were an issue, so it was made safe then road tested and wasn't what we were after.
  17. Hi Guys, Selling an upgrade turbo charger for any RB25. Basically we've taken a R34GTT stock nissan housings (which are larger than R33 GTST) and put a Garrett TA34 core in it. The Garrett centre is a dual ball bearing core turbo with steel wheels. The housings have been machined to suit the wheels. The turbo has been tested on a car and is working 100%. This turbo has done about 50km on an RB20, but was just a little bit lazy to come on boost at about 4,000rpm and wasn't what we wanted on this car. But an RB25 would be perfectly suited to this turbo. The work was performed by Rotomaster, Somerton VIC. I will post the turbo interstate - please ask for a shipping quote. PRO's The turbo will bolt to your stock manifold. Retains Nissan 5 bolt dump pipe. Your standard wastegate actuator will fit. Turbo still looks stock Turbo has warranty, ending in Aug 2012. CON's You have to make custom oil and water lines. Pickup from Bayswater, VIC Price is $1760.00 - which is trade price. This is what we paid for it.
  18. 6x Used Denso / Sard 550cc Top Feed Low Impeadance - Will suit R32, R33, R34 GTR These will work with R32GTST / CA18 motor (with a balast resistor modification) Used injectors, came out of a GT-R working fine. Have been flow tested to within 1% across all six. 1.9 Ohms, 550cc/min, 52Lb/hr Pickup from Bayswater, VIC Will post them anywhere AusPost registered - Should be $10. I'm looking for $300. But if you want a bargain place a bid on eBay: - Click Here - eBay auction
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