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  1. Yup, love that piston! Bore might be alright- fingers crossed. Nick at Allstar in malaga might be able to tune a Link... worth looking into seeing as a few people have had success with them. Certainly cheaper than haltech. Or go the emanage route?
  2. Eww. Looks like the rings have picked up bits of the piston edge as its burnt away there... The bore might clean up but that piston is fubar... Fingers crossed for the bore! I wouldn't have thought it would lean out that badly at 18psi... What fuel pump do you have? I only ask as I recently received a genuine Walbro from a verified seller... It was a fake. Fine for an excel but not for a thirsty birch like our Stageas! Looked very close but had the cheap plastic vanes instead of the metal pump gears.
  3. Keep on going! Good luck and will be interesting to see what's happened...
  4. Oh. Not good. Is that bits of bearing and chocolate thickshake there?
  5. Hi Brandon, any updates or are you taking a break from it for a while? (That's what I do when this happens to me!)
  6. Hey Leon, if you do end up wrecking I'd be interested in the hiflow turbo and your cruise control... And maybe some other bits as well... But only if you're wrecking and willing to post over to WA! Obviously easier for you to sell as a bundle...
  7. Sorry to hear Brendan. Good luck dude. If you need a decent low k motor there is one up at the moment that I was thinking of buying but your needs are greater... Stagea WA page on Facebook about a week ago.
  8. Daymmmm! What the fark happened? I went last week and managed to coax a 14.3 out of my lardy ass Stag.
  9. Have you tried a wired temp sensor temporarily shoved up a rad hose? Might confirm if it's getting hot or not...
  10. Yeah... It's one thing after another hey. Keep on trucking- you'll get there! Half price boost night 17 April at whoop ass... Might be a few of us going...
  11. Dude! Come on! Get a battery already! We're all waiting!!
  12. Very good- should make some decent power!
  13. Can you tell us what you had done to the turbo? Looks like a bigger compressor wheel... steel/inconel turbine? Cost? Expected power? So many questions... Looking good by the way!
  14. wasn't that a rebuilt turbo? How long did it last?
  15. Just one other thing- change all your attesa fluid- rear reservoir, line up to the back of the gearbox and the transfer case as well. Your vibration could be a transfer clutch issue. If it's not that then it'll be a uni joint in the front propshaft.
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