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  1. andynogo

    Just avoid it or be prepared to out a new transmission in.... These cars are exxy enough without buying one with problems. Unless it's dirt cheap i guess and you don't mind mucking around with it. And a 300 as well? Meh. More interesting if it was a 350.
  2. andynogo

    Sounds interesting. Is it set up for knock control, flex fuel etc?
  3. andynogo

    Sounds like a tricky one. Tbh I'd buy a 15 dollar one and swap it over anyway- cheap way to test. Then you can start looking at other things if that doesn't fix it...
  4. Got sick of the wife complaining about brakes shuddering on our 02 M35 ARX. Kept on replacing the rotors but they only lasted a short while before warping again. Bought some R34GTT front calipers and found that they bolt on but the standard ARX 18's don't fit over them. Went looking for rims in Perth and found a set of 18's off a wrecked 370z. The seller persuaded me to buy the matching Akebono brakes as well... The car needed suspension as well as the shocks were stuffed. Ordered a kit of KYB Lowfer springs and shocks from RHD Japan... Had to be made to order so took a month or two to arrive. Front lower ball joints were stuffed too so ordered those in off ebay. So much for a simple brake job! A cordless rattle gun made taking the suspension apart really easy. It all came off without any problems and the kyb kit fitted perfectly. The nasty bit is using coil spring compressors but other than that it all goes together just fine. The rear suspension is pretty quick to replace and you can do both sides in half an hour. Fronts take a bit longer as there's more to unbolt. You can do it without removing the steering knuckle with a bit of wiggling, easier when you take it out. The ball joints were a pain and i took them to a suspension shop to press the old ones out and new ones in. The front Akebonos need adaptors to mount- same as the 350z ones and easily available from the US. You can use the 370 front lines from the caliper back to the connection on the inner wheel well with a little bending of the hard line. If you use the Stagea line you need to remove the brass fitting in the banjo hole in the caliper. A sharp screw screwed in then you can pull it out. I didn't do this on my fronts but did on the backs as the lines are too different. You have to remove the backing plates back and front. Either cut them with tin snips etc or unbolt the bearings and take them off. The rear Akebono calipers bolt straight up which makes life easy! Just for comparison, the discs i took off weigh 6.5kg each. The new 370z ones weigh 13kg each! The new calipers are a bit lighter as they are aluminium instead of cast iron. Once finished the new springs dropped my ARX around 4cm so looks normal now! Brakes work really well, as they should! I don't think you need to change the master cylinder like i was advised as the pedal has plenty of feel and not too much travel. The other thing i had to do was roll and flarethe rear guards as the fat rear tyres and extra offset of the 370z rear wheels made them rub badly. The boys at DIY Garage in Malaga (WA) came to the rescue and sorted them. I trimmed the plastic ARX flares to suit. Overall i love the look but wonder how long the rear tyres will last with quite a bit of neg camber on them... Have a bunch of photos, just need to work out how to get them on from my phone...
  5. andynogo

    Don't have a photo online as i haven't gone to a new host after photobucket.... Who do we use now anyway?
  6. andynogo

    I cut up my standard facia (carefully). Removed the standard bose stereo as it was kaput and threw in a pop out screen clarion or something. I bought the g35 climate control unit from the states as it fits the facia and works. The bose stereo and climate control circuit boards were joined as one hence the new controls... Sorry but it's about 7 or 8 years ago that I did mine so can't remember all the details. The thread is probably somewhere but minus photos due to photophucket fail.
  7. andynogo

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of V35, 350/370Z 18" or 19" rims for my Stagea, preferably in Perth WA. Anyone? Cheers Andy
  8. andynogo

    Yeah so tried the brakes. Calipers mount up, need backing plate trimmed as people have said. Standard NM35 ARX 18" wheels don't fit- they need at least 15mm spacers by the looks of it. I didn't find out if anything else fouls as it was a quick trial. FYI
  9. andynogo

    Yep, Melbourne. Well thanks for the offer anyway!
  10. andynogo

    I was aware of that one so grabbed the hard/soft lines off the 34 wreck... hoping they will bolt up. Don't see why not.
  11. andynogo

    Perth... many k's from you I suspect...!
  12. andynogo

    Thanks. Really didn't want to stuff around changing rims... family car and all that. Just wanted better brakes than the stock pos that warp when you look at them!
  13. So I have a set of r34gtt front calipers, discs and front brake lines to fit to my M35 (NM35 2.5T AWD ARX). I've read so much conflicting information now- bottom line is- will the brakes fit easily and can I use my standard 18" ARX mags? I've heard things like needing 15mm spacers, trim the backing plate, caliper fouls on hub/suspension etc... TIA!
  14. Deleted. Turns out my new ebay key isn't putting out the correct frequency.
  15. andynogo

    That's some nice work there! Fancy making another dump pipe? I'm about to do a bit of work on mine and was going to buy one of Scottys but would prefer to buy in Perth if i can...