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  1. can vouch for the seller! good luck with the sale!
  2. JoelyMoley

    definately not worth meeting up too close to the event, everyone has the same breakie idea, hoping my damn plates are in before the SnS!
  3. still available? location?
  4. JoelyMoley

    happy to park up with the club, might just tell jason to put me down with SAU as i didn't realise there would be a SAU group
  5. JoelyMoley

    filters still available?
  6. god damn it! would have been keen on the boost controller and a turbo timer >.<
  7. JoelyMoley

    man id love to bring the car out but botany is way too hot for me with all the EPA pullovers
  8. any news on that wing? thanks
  9. serial numbers on turbos?
  10. JoelyMoley

    Got pulled into a rbt on the bike on my way home from work, guy grabs my licence tells me i've got no L plates on the bike and within 20 seconds has run to the car to book me, he gets back and i explain there was definitely one on there before i left work and try to show him that the top of the plate is still even on there and its obviously snapped off on the way home, he didn't even bother looking and just walked away, i understand it wasn't completely on when he looked but for f**ks sake the top chunk of the plate was still on there, im 25 and not out to make trouble, you think they could cut me some slack but no $242 on the spot.
  11. JoelyMoley

    After the relocation block, lines, and plate that goes on the block side, willing to separate them? Cheers