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  1. 2bar is the norm for today 30psi just getting started
  2. Planning on running more than 3bar boost?
  3. It actually makes 317rwkw on 21psi by 3550rpm on his test r34 Thats on 98octane fuel
  4. Ask tao im sure he can arrange that Most results ar from rbs but usually all in by 4000rpm and there only running t3 single scroll Twinscroll will help alot hence why evos get away with 300kw turbos but are still responsive
  5. Most i seen was 266kw from my car 25psi dropping e85 and that was with the larger rear housing .86 Stock bottom end sr but I would reccomend going the atr28ss2 in bb with .64 rear housing more responsive due to the smaller rear and i made 280kw with this On a built motor with larger cams and custom exhaust manifold i would see it making 300kw
  6. You must love your juicy juicy ! mango's
  7. Sounds like it comes on song very quickly and not loud at all Similar noise level to my old r33
  8. Offt! shitbox Almost a $50k build i wouldnt sell it not worth it
  9. Ive got smb on my rexy is nice Not too loudv
  10. Is that all? Nah haha! Bro good job[emoji106] shes back alive
  11. Throw some redline lightweight shockproof in her and she will be alright Synchros in a bottle
  12. R34 turbo sold Bump price drop on the enkei wheels and bride seat $700 firm for the wheels $300 firm on the seat