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  1. Yes still available Was originally from a type x 180sx hence the ratio is 4.083 and why it has 6bolt halfshafts Also is solid mounted at the nose which ill supply the bolts Manual r33 is 4.11 but barely any difference both r200 diffs
  2. Here i have for sale Ats super silent 2way lsd r200 abs 4.083 ratio Was in r33 but had to change the shafts to 6bolt So will bolt in s14 or s15 200sx abs models or r32 r33 or s13 180sx abs models with the 6 bolt driveshafts i can supply for extra The most streetable aftermarket 2way lsd as this is the super silent model which go for $1200 rrp for the centre only Its currently filled with castrol lsx90 with penrite lsd additive and only chatters slightly when parking or moving very slow and turning Its in excellent cond and locks up everytime Had it inspected by bra diffentials before install and they said the clutches were like new less than 30% worn and backlash was perfect Done less than 5000kms as i dont daily drive the car Price $550 or $600 with driveshafts Located syd west Diff will be removed this weekend so can take anyone interested for a test drive till then
  3. Fill it up with white grease/ Petroleum jelly before closing it up Helps it to pump and pick up oil so its not dry
  4. I stayed with the 2 lead cars the nismo 33gtr and r34gtr Thought there was going to be a touge match as they were going side to side to warm up there tyres but a damn white hiace was in front
  5. Were you in the lead car nismo r33gtr ? I was the white gtst just behind still fun none the less but the white hiace kept us from going all out
  6. Good drive up macquarie pass Traffic slowed us down
  7. How much? Why you removing it and does it suffer from any surge or restriction up to due to the small housings?
  8. Round 2 Hopefully this motor makes bigger doses Sutututututuuu!!!!
  9. Made paymemt and sent entry form