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  1. mcmn

    good stuff!!
  2. mcmn

    absolutely amazing build up - well done on such an awesome car.
  3. mcmn

    absolutely amazing build up - well done on such an awesome car.
  4. mcmn

    nice car dude - free bump.
  5. mcmn

    pretty rough, the carpet was loose, seats looked dirty - maybe someone can see through all that, but i couldnt. Paul
  6. mcmn

    You are definetly not looking hard enough!! Plenty of quality ones on the market right now.. is only one example.
  7. hi, Is the car engineered? i.e should the new owner be expecting any unwanted attention from the boys in blue
  8. mcmn

    I went and saw this car in the flesh today - I can tell you that there are three different r34's at the warehouse. 1. Bayside blue R34 2. Silver M-spec 3. silver vpec 2. The best looking car there was definitely the silver vspec2. It had the LM's still on with new rubber, nismo CF bonnet blah blah. The bad thing - it looks to have had accident history. I don't confess to know enough, but what i saw was: - The weld lines on the drivers side strut towers are soft (silicon like) and the welds on the passengers strut towers are hard. the bonnet prop doesnt sits in 2 of the three clips - the far drivers side clip is misaligned. I concluded there is some repair work to the front drivers side atleast. I have asked for history of the vehicle, supposedly someone had a inspection done to the car which reported no accident history.. ......
  9. mcmn

    looks like an awesome car - best of luck with the sale. Paul
  10. mcmn

    i have sent you a pm.
  11. mcmn

    Been reading your stuff Terry - very interesting. Especially the discussion around fibre - I'm in need to increase my intake as my diet doesnt reflect how I should be treating myself! In relation to USA gum - you might want to try - I've used them in the past to source USA imported foods - they might be able to help source gum that doesnt have the nasties you are discussing above. Thanks Paul
  12. mcmn

    this thread needs pics.
  13. mcmn

    Hi John, Would like to do this, can you let me know the prices if we use your cars? paul
  14. mcmn

    my condolences goes out to those impacted by this accident! Especially those involved within the SAU community. If we are planning on sending flowers / card / something to aaron at hospital - let me know how to chip in and I will! Paul
  15. Hi Ladies and Gents.. Never been to the drags before..wouldnt mind coming along to spectate , planning on bringing my wife with me. - Paul McMahon - Jacinta McMahon