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  1. Sorry, no interstate buyers - in person sale only. Edit: No longer for sale. Please remove ad.
  2. Will put some better photos up tonight - Vik got in first so he's got first dibs.
  3. PM sent. My number is <removed>- After hours only please (leave a message otherwise, will call back).
  4. 1994 R32 GTR $12,000 (needs work) My priorities have shifted to a house so I'm putting my R32 GTR up for sale. Good points: 1994 build, imported 2008, I'm the second Australian owner Silver More or less standard, just 3" exhaust and ICS coilovers Fairly clean car, straight underneath A/C works, clock works Recently serviced, including new Splitfire coil packs Engine was replaced at some point in Japan with a R33 block (engine number RB26075xxx) Bad points: Engine is noisy when warm, assume spun bearing (still holds oil pressure) Dash has bubbles, drivers seat is worn, drivers doorlock is broken (has central locking/immobiliser so never bothered fixing) Paint is showing its age on roof and spoiler, small dent in rear LHS quarter 120,000kms on odometer (export certificate suggests closer to 190,000kms) $12,000 cash as-is where-is, no rego/rwc/plates. Car is in Elsternwick in Melbourne, happy for inspections most weekday nights. Needs some work but a good base for a project - I've been very honest with the condition. Firm on price. If it doesn't sell for this much, I'll garage it for a few years and come back to it. If you want them, comes with a few spares: R33 GTR wheels (painted badly, one needs to be repaired) Early R32 RB26 block (broken valve guide has gone through it but apparently otherwise okay) Replacement drivers side window regulator
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, they're appreciated. Sabbadin is very convenient... I might give them and Racepace a call and see what they think. Wasn't me, sadly car hasn't been out in quite a while.
  6. Looking for recommendations on a workshop in South East Melbourne to do some maintenance and repair work on my R32 GTR. Racepace springs to mind, but not sure if that's overkill for a stock-ish R32? Being 22 years young, a few things are showing their age - head seems to be getting nosier so need that investigated, needs HICAS removed, turbos checked, probably about due for a new clutch, timing belt is almost due, that sort of thing. Any suggestions?
  7. Not sure I'd use a Ryco Premium filter on an RB. I'm sure they're fine, but don't they sacrifice flow for filtration? I use K&N filters, for the nut on the end more than anything else.
  8. Rust will be your biggest concern. Why would you have to rebuild the head with only 40,000 kms on the clock on a stock example though? Doesn't make sense - add a 2 in front of the odometer reading.
  9. Funny what you can find on a Google search. Archive.org has a archive of the auction listing for the "FUSSY" R33 GTR: https://web.archive.org/web/20110223220127/http://www.lexsimshauser.com.au/p197-nissan-skyline-fussy VIN is the same as the car in the link if you check licence plate on the TMR: https://www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/checkrego So OVA 300 was on the money. Doesn't mean the car is crap though, just that it has a checkered past (and a whole lot of money spent on it). Looks pretty good in the auction photos and even better in the current photos. I'd check the "rough underneath" carefully though!
  10. If the engine couldn't maintain 4 psi of oil pressure at idle then you'd know about it - the bearing rattle and eventual rod out the block would be dead giveaways. Probably the oil light sender (hopefully for your sake). You should be using a quality 10W40 synthetic oil (e.g. Penrite Ten Tenths Racing 10W40), possibly a higher viscosity if you're tracking it without oil pressure and temperature gauges.
  11. If you're really worried you could remove the fuel pump fuse and crank it over for a bit to get some oil pressure.
  12. Without a functioning oil pressure gauge, or knowing the history of the engine, you should err on the side of caution and run at least a 10W40. Sump capacity is allegedly 4.5 litres, but put 5 litres in.
  13. The timing belt might be a tooth out. Auction ratings are a great indication of condition, but your biggest concern with a R32 should be rust. You can throw in a R33 or R34 RB26 without selling a kidney; try getting rust repaired for anything less. The local car has the huge advantage of being able to physically inspect the normal problem areas.
  14. Certainly well used even before the accident damage: http://www.skylinespares.com/?post_type=cars_currently_wreck&p=2017 Chassis 016988.