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  1. Sweet mate I may have one not sure if it work though, if its sweet ill get back to ya tomorrow arvo, let ya know, cheers
  2. Thanks for ya help mate it wasn't pipes, it was a temp sensor at the end of the top radiator hose, tried to put up a pic but I'm on my phone so wouldn't let me, I moved the wires around & it leaned out straight away, so ill replace the plug & all should be good
  3. Thanks mate ill have a good look! Is there anything else that could be the issue? App the quick response thanks cal
  4. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been covered before ( I'm tipping it has) but don't have the time to have a deep search, I have a 95 r33 gtst s1.5 I had to jump start it & was all good dropped it off for wheel alignement, went to pick it up started it was speaking to another member for a bit & all of a sudden it started it picked up idle to 1500rpm hunting down to 900rpm, then went for a drive with a mate & it got very VERY rich to the point of almost stalling while trying to take off, blowing black smoke at idle start coughing though rpm ect ect, please help. Thanks sau's
  5. Hi all, wtb a 33 gtst front reo s1 or s2 no fussed must be good con no bends, cracks, dings etc etc Thanks guys.
  6. hey guys, thought i would let ppl know that i found some , there on a site called hi octane direct
  7. hi boys & girls, im trying to find the 33 gtst abs plastic pod filter cold air box or plans to fab, also i know just jap does them but way to $$$$ & not sure if they are the plastic ones or not!!! They were on ebay a while ago but now carnt find them & same deal on here. as pic below cheers guys
  8. im also interested in one or the patterns or somewhere to get one? i saw them on ebay bout a couple months ago but cant find anything since.
  9. hi all chasing a r33 s2 front bar......must be in good con thanks guys
  10. thats what i thought f#@kin pedders..... i know the tie's are available i would of done it already if it wasnt for some dooche cheers mate
  11. its the outer part of the rear tie rod end, i took it to pedders to get some parts, and he said there was nothing he could do as he didnt fix & couldnt find anyone who did! he'd had a few in the past &had to get second hand ones & im not all that keen on seconds
  12. sorry guys, in melbourne prefer sth est burbs
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