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Smelling Fuel As I Turn On The Engine


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happy new year!! :P

my bro just left for UK.He's left me his GTS-T to take care of. I found something weird. Sometimes,when I turn the engine on,I smell fuel. The car according to the mechanic is running mechanically well but just needs a tune(i think).

It's got no smoke off the exhaust.

what are the factors leading to smelling fuel as you turn on the engine?

ta! :lol:

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And only when you turn it on? Worst case: you have a leaking fuel line under the car, and the rust in your floor is so bad that it instantly gets absorbed into the carpet and then stinks up the cabin.

JK about the rust! =-]

You could check the rubber hosing that clamps onto the fuel rail, as that gets close to the firewall, and also check the fuel filter and piping... it's down the driver side, under the intake manifold.. can't miss it.

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I believe he means when the car is first started. It's normal. In regards to your mechanic saying it 'needs a tune', I'd suggest you to find a new mechanic, because he clearly knows nothing.

dude ,spot on. Yes, it only happens sometimes when i start the car up

and sometimes when i shut it off(regardless of it being a long drive or not).


fellas, any more thoughts?

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