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Heating Problems ... Help =(


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i know today is extremely hot (42-43 degrees)

but i think my car has a problem

normal driving, the car goes up to around 110 degrees (quite quickly) on the r34 temp gauge (dunno how accurate it is but it has never went past 90 before)

there is VERY hot air blowing out under the car and towards the front of the driver side bumper

air coming out the exhaust is hotter than usual and seems to burn

also, my air-cond does not work and only blows out hot/warm air

any suggestions?

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Coolant should start boiling at around 120degree's providing the system is holding pressure (no leaks) and the correct coolant mix/ratio has been used. Its the oil temp at these coolant temps that is the worry. :S

Check the fan's viscous clutch.

Chances are its stuffed. :P

If its not check the thermostat then radiator.

Providing your running decent coolant with the correct mix it shouldn't boil until around 120degree's. Its the high oil temp that follows the high coolant temp that is the worry.

A couple ways you can test the fan.

When stone cold... star the car.. you should hear the fan roar for 15seconds or so. If it doesn't then its stuffed. :(

Once warm... Pop the bonnet then turn the car off while you watch the fan spin.. As the motor stops the fan should follow, it should not continue spinning freely. If it does then its stuffed. :(

I have noticed with mine it appears the car disengages the a/c once engine temps get too high. Unsure if its just a coincidence or if its really the case. Mine appears to do this when I've had cooling issues in the past.

Mine often hits 90degree's with the a/c on in traffic on a hot day.

The genuine thermostates make the car run a little warmer.

Aftermarket items (from supercrap and the like) open earlier and wider causing the car to no longer reach operating temp within 2km's and also it never really hits the 'correct' operating temp, being ~82-85degree's.

85degree's is apparently the optimal temp for fuel economy.

I'm in the process of dropping a nice 14" thermo fan in front of the A/C condensor to replace the std 12". Should help on those hot days sitting in a traffic jam as the stock fan draws stuff all air at 800rpm. :blink:

The proflow thermo's from Ebay are cheap and work well. Flow more than the davis.

On these hot days I've also noticed the pwr steer gets a little heavy and fluid appears to blow out the top of the reservoir a little, looks like a slight seep around the edge of the cap. The answer is to fit a power steering cooler. easy done many aus cars have them for this reason.

Head to the local track and you will find the pwr steer fluid appears to boil over, some I know of have placed a sock over it to prevent too much fluid going everywhere.

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thanks cubes

will test out the cold start and warm test tomorrow (neighbours may not appreciate me turning the car on right now lol)

i noticed today that there seemed to be ALOT more air blowing from under the car..

also tried spinning the fan when the car was off and the fan moved from one blade to another with the flick of a finger, is this the normal distance?

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