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R33 Clear Side Indicators

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It says $69 but the postage is $20(!!)

So that's a total of $89 - not that cheap.

The two known cheapest places are:

Kudos Motorsports ($83.50 total)



Nengun ($58.71 total)


Problem with Nengun is that you are buying direct from Japan so parts can take up to a month (sometimes more) to get here. There is also a risk that your goods maybe hit with tax at customs.

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nengun is the cheapest ive found including postage. i ordered mine a while ago, and they sent my other parts (thats how they work, they send whatever they have as postage is charged on each item individually) but myself and another member are still waiting for our indicators...its been about a month.

im not in a big hurry so im not too bothered, but ive emailed them to see how long they estimate...when they get back to me ill post in here for ya

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Hi Ross,

We have several sets, of both clear or shaded, ready for immediate dispatch/pick up from the Gold Coast. With you being located at Logan you would have them within 2 working days. We send these items via registered post. Please if you are interested drop me a PM.

Thanks for the mention James :D


Andrew Sullivan

Kudos Motorsports

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