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Air Conditioning Re-gas


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Hey guys

did a search but didnt come up with anything (unless i did it wrong)

where can i get a cheap air-con re-gas just in time for the late summer? I was quoted at $120 from a mechanic which shall remain unnamed, there's gotta be a place cheaper than that... right?

You can get one for around 3000yen (almost $AU40) in Japan (Rezz can you confirm me on that or am i wrong?)

Thanks in advance.


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My car had already been converted to 134A apparently, but went to regas, left it there and was told at the end of the day that my condensor (?), what looks like a mini radiator, had a hole in one of the top tubes and cannot be welded due to the metal used and needed to be replaced. Does this sound right to anyone? If so.. does anyone have a spare they can sell me?

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Yer sounds right you are leaking gas my old EA did the same couldnt be arsed about doing anything about it because its pricey and you have to remove shit

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ayah auto.

These guys are top blokes. regassed my a/c for $50.

apparently u dont need to get them retrofitted if uve got an old one neither. Its all a BS scam. all a "retrofit" is, is replacing broken/ worn out components. These guys will suck out all the old gas and pressure test ur a/c + regas it. I had it on a 89 silvia for 13 months no issues.

Retrofitting is the biggest scam and it pisses me off that ppl rip off unsuspecting hard workin folk by chargin them $300+ for nothing.

"Sabah from Ayah Auto Care, ph 92481190 or 0402 843 877"

These guys are in malaga and although the name might sound weird, they are top blokes, even drive hsv's.


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