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Which Front Bar Do You Think Is Better?


Which bar?  

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Both from Unique Autosports (www.nismo.com.au). All I'd need to know is the shipping to Perth.....

TK has smaller intakes and doesn't have that little smilie lip on the sides....

Tommy Kaira -- $550 (includes the front grill as well)


Type2 -- $550


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Don't like any of those... GTR front bar or Do Luck kit for me.


$885USD :mellow:, no thanks

All I really wanna do is eliminate the front bar lip piece and make it a one piece bumper....I might just go with the Tommy Kaira one in a few months :(

Unless I can find another one for the same kind of price....

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I am just wanting to replace my front bar and lower lip... with original parts.. how much are they.. Is there any price difference. I hear the lower lip is worth $400 new from Nissan.. and have no idea how much a front bar would be... Sounds cheaper to get something aftermarket.. but u do lose the orginality of the vehicle.

Any thoughts?

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