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Wtd Parts For My R33 Project


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Hey peoples

I'm after a couple things:

Apexi Power FC with HC (preferably, not a must) for an R33 gtst

Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

XF Throttle Body

550cc or larger injectors for an r33 gtst

HKS SSQV Blow off valve with an adapter plate.

I'm obviously looking for a resonable price like us all.

I do have some things avaliable for swap.

Such as:

Blitz BOV kit in box with cooler pipe kit for an R33 GTST

Intercooler piping kit for an r33

Stock R33 cooler.

High flowed R33 Turbo

Blown R33 Turbo, good for hi flow project etc

Stock r33 gtst turbo manifold

stock r33 gtst dump pipe

Stock r33 gtst throttle body with pipe that goes over the engine.

And more

Thanks for any help

Please PM me or contact me on 0419 15 45 15



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