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Can Anyone Help Me With A Nissan Part Number?


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Can anyone tell me the Nissan part number for the A pillar gauge pod they make for the S15 Silvia/200SX?

I tried the local Nissan dealer but they say they can't tell me without a S15 VIN number.

The gauge pod isn't for an S15, a mate is trying to adapt it to an MX6.

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OK, was a bit of a mission but I think I found it, 76911-85F00. Attached are the screen grabs from FAST...

Yes I found those, but 76911-85F00 is the PN for the bracket. The part numbers are:

76911-85F10 - Garnish Assy, Pillar RH (actual trim piece for the pillar)

76911-85F00 - Bracket, Pillar End (seems to be some sort of support piece for the gauge or its escutcheon)

76987-85F10 - Escutcheon-Meter, Front Pillar (gauge trim piece)

01466-00022 - screw (for the bracket)

Colours are listed as suitable for interiors G or Z....G is grey, I think, not sure about Z

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So will i need to track down all 4 parts?? Any pics of the parts so i can get an idea of what i'm looking at??

The only pictures I have are the same as posted by Ant above (ie from FAST). You could try searching using google for pictures of the interior of an S15.

The parts listed are all those for putting a guage into an S15, but I've no idea if you need them all for an MX6....IMHO it's doubtful it'll fit, but you never know your luck.....

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