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Octane Boosters

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hi everyone. I was thinking about going to the drags tonight for a bit of fun and was wondering if buying an octane booster to drop into the petrol tank would give me any sort of power gain. i have a previous best time of 13.8 with the same mods as i have now, would half a second off be possible, or would the difference be minute? thanks!

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Well no difference in power but my tuner recommends adding a bottle if I was to do a 1/4 mile run or a dyno comp just for the assurance of no detonation, it all depends on how much power your running I suppose.

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There was a thread with this asked a while back.

I uploaded a Zoom article where they tested 20+ octane boosters, only one allowed any extra ignition timing.

Might need to run a search if you want to find the article.

Basically they do bugger all and are a waste of money.

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try adding toluene

you will have to advance the time drastically though

and yeah, it can take a toll on your car if you push it to hard

it burns alot hotter than petrol

I have been dropping 8L of it into my tank and advancing the timing to around 40 degrees

but yeah, it does give significant gains

just dont add to much

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As most people have said - not for power gain - more for insurance. Raises the anti-knock value of the fuel - protection against detonation.

Fast Fours Magazine did a test ages ago with NF Octane Boosetr Racing Formula and Nulon Pro Strength Octane Booster tieing for first place.

Both raised the RON value by 2.8 points.

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