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Hey guys,

I have recently set a power goal of 200 rwkw for my RB20DET R32. At the moment I have between 160rwkw and 170rwkw. The mods I have are:

3inch Exhaust

ZG30 Turbo

Boost controller running 12 - 14 psi

No A/M ECU yet. Looking at the Power FC.

Besides from a FMIC, what mods should I look at for squeezing out an extra 40kw at the wheels?

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Yeah, I just bought the car and the front mount is first on my list.

I forgot that I already have a GTR fuel pump installed, looks like FMIC, cold air intake, pod filter and a new tune may be the first lot of stuff I do. Thanks.

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remapped ecu, good cold air intake, fuel pump, 3" split dump and get it tuned. i dont think you will make 200 however

What paulr33 said.

#But your 3'' xorst will still be ok as long as it is 3'' from the turbo back.

#Hi flow air filter.

#Remapped ecus are allright.But if you have the money get a pfc.

#Maybee a adj fpr.Becuase at high injector duty you will want constant high pressure in teh fuel rail.I was told this by CRD.

#A hi flow rb20 or 25 turbo and you will make over 200rwkw.

Other than that teh stock turbo wont push beyond 180-190rwkw that easily.You do need all of these,though,if you want to get the max! out of your current setup.You need an upgrade on the turbo.

As you would have allready seen though dynos are conservative to say the least.With many saying their car has 200+rwkw on the stock turbo.When i was at CRD my r33 was tuned to 182rwkw stock turbo with a 2.75'' dump,stock cat and 3.5'' xorst from then on.With all the usual other mods.

I hope your not running 14psi in the heat of the day with that tiny intercooler.After the powah look at the suspension if you havent allready.Then take it to the track and thrash it!!

I am at the point now where i can upgrade the turbo and easily make 220rwkw.

HTH... ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just an update. I have installed a FMIC and an apex'i power intake. It actually made alot more of a difference than I expected it to! Its alot louder now too:). I am almost ready to order a PowerFC for it. Any suggestions where the best place for one is?

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hey dude, ive got a 4dr 32 aswell and i made 170rwkw with rb25 turbo, gtr fuel pump, 1bar boost, 3" turbo back exhaust, and shitty hks mushroom pod

no front mount... its on the way though and itll be in the car soon

my point is... get an aftermarket dump pipe!

they do HEAPS

go look at your stocker and youll see that the bit where the wastegate opens goes into a "wall" in the dump pipe... VERY bad design, causes a SH*TLOAD of turbulance when the wastegate opens and makes exhaust gases flow really sh*tty.

also, i assume that by ZG30 turbo, you meant VG30 out of a 300ZX.

if this is the case, go get that hi-flowed.

many people have had good results with hi-flowing that turbo because of its decently large exhaust housing


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You may want to figure if the VG30 turbo you have is the steel wheeled version. As you should be able to run 18+psi fairly reliably. And with other sensible mods Such as a Good quality split front/dump, Quality cat (a metal one), GT-R injectors, Regulator and PFC or remap there is no reason why you can't comfortably surpass the 200rwkw figure.

Oh and finding a PFC for a 32 can be difficult. "AP Engineering" make em.. don't know why.

This is why so many 32 owners opt for the remap instead. Wich can net very healthy results if performed correctly.

Good luck anyway :P

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sure r u? have you driven one? big call if you havent.

imo most remaps are just stock tune with fc and speed limiter removed

a remaped ecu(tune by Adelaides Guru) and just a stock wt fcd comp were both tested out on Huddys car both power curves were exactly the same?

oh and VG30 turbo's never came with steel rear wheel from the factory.

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AS everyone else has mentioned:

FMIC (which you have now)

Apexi air filter (whic you have now)

3" dump all the way through (with a "CUSTOM" cat :D )

PFC is the way to go if you can afford it but there is nothing wrong with getting a ECU remap by someone like Dr Drift, Sams results kinda speak for themselves!!!!

If you want info on the "CHEAPEST" AP Engineered Power FC then PM :)

Other than that good luck with your power figure and hope you get what your looking for...

Cheers B

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check out huddys thread in the ceffy section

mods needed

fuel pump



2530 or similar

front mount

boost required 1 bar

result 215 rwkw

That sounds like alot, I have fuel pump, 3inch exhaust/dump pipe, gtr injectors, wolf 3d, cooler, and 1bar and Im making 160rwkw, altho my turbo is still stock.

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actually i find the stock turbo great for power and response

im on 193rwkw on 12psi and i find it has great response and street zest

no issues with giving event big v8s a good run

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