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Rebels Car Club Dyno Shootout

Milanco Pro Dyno

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Back by popular demand......

Rebels Car Club Dyno Shootout & Car Show

Beenleigh Tavern, Saturday the 11th of March 2006

If you were lucky enough to be at the Tavern last year, you will know this is one of the premium Dyno Days on offer in QLD. There are only 1 or 2 other Events that offer two Dynos, side by side, all day. But there is a lot more to this day then just a Dyno Shoot Out, The Rebels also run a Show and Shine at the tavern as well.

Here are a few Pics from last year’s event.....

Pics from Last Year

More Pics from Last Year

Gates Open at 8am on the Saturday Morning with the Dyno Comp kicking off from 10am, with spectators welcome at $5 per head. For entry into the Dyno Comp you will be looking at $30 which will get you 2 Power Runs and a Dyno Print Out. For entry into the Show and Shine Comp, you will need to shell out $15, or for entry into both, the bargain price of $40 will cover it.

For more information about this event, please call Simon on 0400 986 790.

This year there will be no 'pre entrys', so all cars will have to be registered on the day, but be there early as there is a limit of 100 spots on the Dyno for the day.

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Cool, good breakdown too.

Unfortunatly there is no way of running stageas in rwd mode, so I'm out, but hope it goes well!

I dont know who told you that, we currently have a 4wd stagea in the workshop that we tune in-house, nothing difficult about it at all..... We are experts when it comes to Stagea's

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