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Hi all,

Just wondering if you guys have heard of or use Nulon Product's

E.g Engine Oil, Product Additives .. etc

Especially the E20 "Nulon Performance Engine Treatment"

it is recommended for Turbo charged engines.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


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I'm pretty happy with their Injector cleaner. Haven't had a chance to fully evaluate the E20 - only had it in for about 300km before a broken piston assisted the deposit of the sump contents all over the RH engine bay (via dipstick pipe).

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its known as "snake oil" and if you put it near your car your crazy.

run a search on ptfe or teflon additives through google, then tell me you want to put it near your car.

if it was good, don't you think oil companies and car manufacturers would use it in the first place...

Infact save you the time.

Read this article, tells you all you would ever need to know about ptfe.


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Only product I use is their Pro Octane Boost - and only when I am doing track work.

In a comparitive test done by Fast Fours magazine it was equal first for increasing the octane value of fuel.

Good track insurance.

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We use Nulon assembly lube on every engine we assemble. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. We don't use it on pistons or rings but all bearings, valves, cams etc get a coat of it. We've never had a problem with an engine having bearing or cam damage on start up, it's cheap insurance when someone else will be starting the engine and you don't know if they will crank the engine to get oil pressure before it starts. You would be suprised to know how many mechanics don't do this. The oil should be changed withing the first few hundred km anyway and then you can rely on the oil you use.

I don't use any oil additives once the engine is up and running, I think the oil manufacturers know more about oil than I do and they know what to put in it. Who is to know if the additive will work properly with the other additives that are put in the oil when it is made. You may reduce the effectiveness of the oil you are using by using additives.

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