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  1. Isn't this a symptom of a problem in the AFM? So, maybe the colder weather has caused a gap to open up in a broken solder joint.
  2. Or: https://jaylenosgarage.com.au/collections/interiorproducts/products/leather-cleaner
  3. Check the pedal box hasn't broken. Check under the car that the pushrod hasn't popped out of the slave cylinder - points to a broken pivot ball.
  4. I had a similar "problem" in my GTS4. The cure - remove the instrument cluster, expose the speedo needle and VEEERRRRYYY carefully move the needle on the spindle. (Manually rotate the needle to, say 120k, lock the drive side in place and gently rotate the needle back to 100.)
  5. Don't know if it's the same, but it should certainly bolt up to the RB25 in your GTS4, and should be strong enough to cope with the RB25DE engine. (I have a RB25DET in my R32 GTS4, using original gearbox - hasn't broken yet)
  6. This probably won't have done you any favours. A wet connector block somewhere could be upsetting things. Try some WD40in all the connectors.
  7. Off again. We'll get back with a new date.
  8. Does the engine sound like it's idling too fast? The difference between 800rpm and 1800rpm should sound obvious.
  9. Event has been re-scheduled - September 5. Those already registered do not need to register again. But, you MUST register if you want to show your car, otherwise you will be turned away (no need if just spectating).
  10. The igniter modules have a habit of misbehaving when they get old and hot. Can you borrow a known good igniter from someone. (if you are in Melb west subs, I have one you could borrow)
  11. How long was it in storage? Did you need to jump-start it after storage?
  12. Well, COVID did ruin it! Event has been postponed to a date to be confirmed.
  13. It has been brought to our (NDSOC)attention that there is a difficulty registering for the event for people who are not NDSOC members - the requirement to enter your membership number. As a workaround, you can enter "N/A" in that field, and you will then be able to complete your registration.
  14. As an added bonus, Nissan will have one of their R35 Nismo GT-Rs on display.
  15. Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club (NDSOC) and Classic Skylines Australia (CSA) proudly present the first All Nissan Day, happening at the Bosch factory in Clayton on Sunday July 25. This event replaces the traditional Christmas in July event at Carribean Gardens. All Nissan / Datsun / Prince vehicles and their owners are invited to attend. Entry is free. You must register prior to the event - https://www.ndsoc.com.au/event-4277096 ALL NISSAN DAY flyer_4 26may2021_71.pdf
  16. If it wasn't that dirty, then it's possible the previous owner cleaned it. And that is a recipe for disaster - and a fast idle speed! Cleaning the TB removes the material put there at manufacture to seal off the butterfly in the TB and stop the air leak that causes the fast idle.
  17. That is a common cause for the same problem in GT-Rs. (Maybe the previous owner did it)
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if the "wetness" is actually unburnt fuel. Next to no point starting the engine and letting it idle for 40 minutes - it's unlikely to get up to operating temp, with the result that it runs permanently rich (because it's cold). Also, try opening out the gap, to around 1mm (factory spec is 1.1mm).
  19. Are you sure it's not firing - you've removed the coil and stuck a spark plug in, and there is no spark? That's one third of the equation. Another third of the equation is fuel. Does the injector work? The final piece of the equation is compression. Do you have compression?
  20. Seems the pivot pin has snapped off inside the bell housing. Just wondering if it is a screw-in or tolerance fit.
  21. Driving home from Emerald to Tarneit yesterday, got to FTG, pulling up at a set of lights, and the clutch pedal in the 32 dropped to the floor. Worked out that the piston was falling out the back of the clutch slave cylinder. Surmise either the clutch pressure plate has collapsed, or the fork has collapsed. Anyway, having trouble finding a trailer to get the car home. If you can help at all, please sms me - 0421 331 954. If necessary, I can pay fuel costs, etc for your help. TIA.
  22. I think I have a problem with the ETS in my 89 R32 GTS4. The error appears to be temperature sensitive - the warning light only generally comes on after a while, comes on sooner on warm days. Anyone know a shop in the western suburbs (around Werribee) that knows these little buggers and how to diagnose / fix them? TIA
  23. IIRC, there is a little temp sensor that wraps around the heater pipe, up against the firewall (engine-side). That may be the one reporting as faulty.
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