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I think I may as well address this as "Dear Sydney Kid..."

After finally getting new front rotors and pads on the R32 GTR I went on a cruise that night (after bedding them in) only to have the front left strut seize and spew its oil everywhere. Now I need a new - what? A question that may seem obvious and emphasis my lack of mechanical knowledge but...

What's the difference between struts, coilovers and shock absorbers?

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Strut = the entire shock/spring assembly

Coilover = describes any shock/spring combo where there is a coil spring around the shock absorber (all skylines have 'coilovers' standard). The two obvious other systems are semi trailing rear arms where there is a separate 'barrel' coil spring and a shock mounted separately; or a leaf spring and shock eg. a 1 tonne ute

Shock = just the motion damping component - the centre section of the strut that has the air/oil, pistons etc to damp the shocks

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Cheers. Now I just have have to choose which coilovers to fit.

Not sure what brand it had on before - the mechanic wasn't able to see a label - but the ride was rock hard although it handled brilliantly.

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Thanks SK.

I read that thread last night and was wondering if it was still available.

I seems to be a complete set up, at this stage I know only the front passenger side strut is stuffed, not sure what condition the rears are in or any of the other components. I'll call AVS Suspension today and get more info.

My problem is that I've forked out $5k this week on tickets to the World Cup, airfares & accommodation, so I'm a little short on funds until I get paid next month.

My car runs on 18" BBS rims. Would that make any difference to the kit you've designed?

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