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S13 And Rb20 Parts

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Location: ipswich (near brisbane)

Contact Details: prefer pm

the usual deal, stuff taking up space and needs to go. mostly s13 and rb20 parts but also other random bits. parts good if have to return vehicle back to stock for defect, or drift damage, etc <_<


*full set of 6 gtr injectors. 444cc. $300

*16" davies craig thermo fan. brand new. sold

*z32 front hubs/spindles. sold

*s14 complete rear cradle, lsd diff, includes control, toe, camber, etc arms, hubs, 5-stud spindles, calipers, rotors, drive shafts, handbrake cables, swaybar and subframe. $500

*r32 gtr front hubs/spindles. includes dust cover/shroud and some brakes lines and ABS fittings, wiring. sold


*s2 rb25 turbo. little shaft play, bit noisy, otherwise fine. perfect for hi-flow. 200

*r33 series 2, rb25det radiator. mint condition. sold

*rb20 stock intercooler. (including piping, connectors and crossover pipe, if u want it) sold

*rb20 turbo, mint condition. a bee's dick of shaft play, nothing abnormal. no chips, leaks etc. also with elbow and accuator. sold

*rb20 turbo, some shaft play exhaust wheel otherwise fine, suit rebuild (eg. racespec gt2530, etc), also includes elbow and accuator $100

*rb20 water pump. used but good still condition. spins freely. no shaft play. $20


*hicas sender unit and some lines and fittings

*air con vents, black, rare mint condition, no cracked fins, full set. $100 ono

*180sx front reo bar, straight, not cut for cooler, etc. $100

*s13 silvia front bar. mint! new green paint $100

*lowered king springs suit s13, sold

*koni rear struts (red). actually really good condition. $100 ono??

*SR20 front calipers, rotors, plenty of pad/rotors meat left. sold

*CA18 front calipers, rotors, also plenty of klms left. 3 sets. $100

*ca18 brake booster/ master cylinder

*ca18 intercooler, 2 of. $25

*front control arms, inc ball joints, sold

*castor rods $60 each

*power steering pump, $100 ono

*air con compressor, blower fan/ box, etc. will separate.

*ca18 radiator x2

*radiator shroud x2

*hubs/spindles, sold

*struts, springs. (aftermarket unknown brand) sold

*ca18 auto engine and gear box

*front pipe

*engine van and viscous coupling

*ca18 tail shaft (manual). $100

*air box, snorkel, piping (turbo and non turbo)

*ca18 afm (same as sr20??)

*indicator stalk, good condition, not faded, scratched etc.

*waher/ wiper stalk, also in good nick

*dash parts: air con control unit, vents, centre console, steering surround, dash surround, etc, etc.

*brown parts: dash, kickpanels, under steering wheel, glovebox, etc. offers

*wiper motor

heaps more parts available, too many to list, will add more later as i sort them out, if you dont see it there just ask, probably got it. i dont know what a lot of stuff is worth so offers accepted on items not priced, most prices are negotiable, i want to make room and free up sum cash :D .

180sx for sale

also for sale: a very straight, clean bodied, grey 180sx (1989), ca18det, auto. clean as!!! paid $7k...offers. check out car add forum for further details :P .

http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...7entry1893037 sold

also looking for a s13 silvia, want reasonably straight but show condition definitely not required.

have a motor to put in it so want as minimal as necessary so prefer no motor/box/etc. must be in brisbane area.


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