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Australia Day Cruise


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Seeing a few people on the EOI thread said go for it, i may aswell post it up, so here goes.

Meet at 10am on Waratah street in Kirrawee for a 10:30am departure. Stopping off at loftus rovers soccer field (on the highway right before the nasho turnoff) to pick up any lost people/stragglers (if any, if not we push on). Then proceed through the nasho, over the new seacliff bridge (or coalcliffe bridge, what ever it's called), through all the lil suburbs and then to city beach in Wollongong to hang out, have lunch, swim, wrestle sharks, what ever.

So post here if interested :)

I will post my number closer to the date if anyone gets lost or what ever.

Anyway, to get to waratah street, if you are coming from the city direction on the princess highway, turn right at the lights right after this overpass in kirrawee, there should be a caltex servo on the corner. Same deal if you are coming from the other way, cept you turn left ;) and you don't pass the overpass, or you have gone too far. Just follow the signs to Janalli.

forgot to mention, www.whereis.com.au for all your, "help im lost" or "where is.......?" needs :D


Spoke to a local who works with me, he said city beach will be far too packed and wonoona would probably the best bet, so we will head there (more parking etc). :)

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