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How Do You Get 200rwkw From R33 Gtst


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hi all

my best mate has a r33 gtst with 80,000ks on it. it currently has a HKS front mount and full 3 inch exhaust which is jasma from memeory, has split dump and front pipe also.

its only runnning 7 psi at present.

basically he is looking to get 200 rwkw without going to an aftermarket ECU, is this possible.

what are the usual steps of getting 200 rwkw?

what are people's thoughts on fitting a VG30 turbo to this engine i isnt it much of an upgrade like it is on a rb20?

any help is appreciated, as i am a toyota man and getting 200rwkw from my 1j back in the day was a front mount and a exhuast.

seems to be more of a science with an rb25.

thanks in advance


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My friend with a 1JZ manual soarer got 170rwkw after exhaust, intercooler and CAI and SAFC tune Guess it all depends on the dyno.

I just got 172rwkw on a conservative dyno (R33gtst - manual) running 10psi, R34 intercooler (still SMIC), Powerfc and tune, exhaust. Average power is very nice.

My 170rwkw compared to the soarer 170rwkw is so different. I guess the weight difference helps my car aswell.

200rwkw is pushing the limits of the stock turbo

For most making power out of the standard ECU is like pushing sh*t up a big hill. It is probably the part that is holding the car back the most.

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