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R33 Air Con

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Just have a question, which searching for almost 1/2 hour has revealed nothing :P

What air con gas is used in R33 skylines, ie. from 1993 on? I know the laws changed around then that all cars must use R134 instead of R12 refridgerant as it was poisoning the ozone. The reason I ask, is cause if I were to import a '33 4 door, I would probably have the aircon regassed straight away to ensure good air con for these 37+ degree days we keep having here in adelaide :)


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It should have 134a in it , if it has the r12 in it you can retro fit , you change the dryer and the valves and then regass .

Some old 33s may have the r12 , all cars sold in australia post 94 have the new gas .

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