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Problems With R32

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Just had a rb25 turbo installed on my r32 and having a bit of a problem :P when i come on to boost it will go to around 3 PSI then it will f**k up. By that i mean it is seriously missing, then it will stop and start boosting up to 12psi and be fine. It only seems to this if i accelerate hard or drop a gear. Any ideas would be great thanks.

BTW. I am running the turbotech boost controller

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Are you actually experiencing turbo lag? I would have thought that an RB25 turbo will need more exhaust gas to spool up the turbo nicely. After all, that's why Nissan's engineer put RB20 turbo in R32 and RB25 turbo in R33. Looks like ur ECU starts to get confused with the "alien" turbo that doesn't behave as it's suppose to be. Do you have aftermarket air/fuel controller e.g. SAFC or even a piggy back Greddy E-Trust/HKS F-CON or a full replacement computer PowerFC? The cheapest alternative is to get ur stock R32 ECU re-mapped. DR_DRIFT here on this forum can do that, and there's a few other mechanics out there who specialises in re-programming R32 ECU chip.

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i ran around with my RB25 turbo on the stock computer for about a month, and didn't have a drama with it getting 'confused', rs73....

These are the things i would check:

Are you hitting the factory boost cut? I never ran more than 9psi when i had the '25 turbo, before i got it tuned (and boost cut removed) so i'm not sure if it would be hitting that or not...

Plugs - Are they the right gap? Are they fouled? Worn out?

Fuel Pump - Is it supplying enough fuel?

Coilpacks - Are they stuffed?

Vacuum Lines/Cooler Pipes - You haven't left a line/pipe off somewhere have you?

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