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Hey the auto in my r33 gtst is playin up, when i accelerate up to speed kinda slow everything is fine, but if i nail it it seems to not wana change into top gear, it will sit on like 80-90kms at about 4500-5500rpm and not change unless i back off a bit and then it will change, i have tried to keep it goin and sometimes it will change if i dont back off tha gas bit it takes a quite a few seconds and the car is revin hard as hell.

This just happoened to me just before for the first time, i checked the oil level and it seems good and it smells and looks like the oil is good, though i havent changed it in a while. I did notice something i havent noticed ever before, my bov is located hear the front left wheel because of the fmic i got in it, so it has a long hose from the plenum to the bov and since its so so hot here the hosing which is silicone hosing is realy soft because of the heat and when i opened the bonnet i heard a hiss noise which is pretty loud and i noticed that the hosing has sucked in in some places which is actualy blockin and air to pass through the hose when the car is at idle, it looks like im sqeezing the hose closed with my fingers it is suckin in that much and natuarly i dont know what it is like when the car is bein driven, would this affect the way the auto responds, could this be why my auto is playin up. i was just goin go and buy a new normal hose for it and then test it but i thought i will ask here first cos i dont knbow if its good to run the car or not.

Can someone please help me ....

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yer i checked the oil again, i dont know if its me but i usualy get varied results in the trans oil levels .. usualy it looks like there is a little too much, but it wasnt like that when i put it in ages ago .. also even though it looks clear still there is a smell to it so im goin to change the oil soon, to tell the truth it has been a while since i changed it .. i put Castrol Transmax Z in it last time, its green coloured .. anyone else use that in there auto ??

Also anyone got any suggestions on what brand to put in it ?

Another thing im not too sure of either is when switching types of oil you r realy only changing half of the oil cos half is in the converter, so will the 2 different oils mix? like since i have transmax z in it and if i put lets say redline oil in it wouldnt the oil still in the torque converter mix with the new stuff i put in it, and if it does is it alright ..

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I had a similar problem with my auto recently - suddenly wouldn't go into top gear or overdrive. I reset the ecu and the problem went away. Not sure if that will work for you but it's worth a try.

If you have a complete fill of Transmax Z now I would keep using that, as it is certainly good stuff. I was going to use Transmax Z when I got my auto serviced but they talked me out of it and ended up putting in Dexron III. They reckoned Transmax was overkill for the price unless I planned on doing a lot of track work.

The reading on the dipstick also looked like it had been overfilled when I checked it before the service - not sure what the go is with that.

Pity you're not in Canberra, I have a litre of Transmax I don't really need anymore......

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