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8" Rim - How Wider Tyre?


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are you referring to this thread?


if so that's not giving me the info.

I need to know if 255 or wider will fit on an 8" rim.

Apart from this thread - http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...howtopic=101561

one person's suggestion is not something confirmed. also note that entering 8"* resulted in no search results.


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An r32 gtr came out with 225s on an 8" wheel. What Manwhor3 said is correct.

Generally, on an 8" wheel, you'd fit 225s or 235s.

It is possible to stretch 205s on. This will give firmer sidewalls.

It is also possible to fit 255s on, but I wouldn't do it. It will actually decrease the traction around the corners. Sidewalls will be really floppy. It will look like a rounded blimp.

At the end of the day though, it depends what purpose the tyre is used for though. If it is for drag only, sidewall flop doesn't matter because you're not cornering. in this case, a 255 tyre like a bfg drag radial would be good.

But for cornering, I wouldn't do it.

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Of course different tyres will look different, but they will stick over the side of the wheels. I have a set here in my garage with 255s on it and I absolutely hate them.

I'm not really using these wheels, but the moment I need to, i'll be sticking 235s straight onto them.

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i have 265/30 on the back of my 19x8s and the tyre still doesnt hang over the side of the rim, i was originally puttin 275's by the tyre shop but i opted for the 265's shoulda taken the 275's


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I'm not theorising. I've used about 6 sets of tyres over the last year on different width wheels. I seirously reccomend 235 as the width. As I keep saying you can fit on any size tyre. 235 is a good fit.

If anyone actually knows about tyres, you'll know that wider does not mean more grip. Increasing the width of a tyre does not increase the size of the contact patch. Contact patch is determined by factors such as weight of the car and tyre pressure.

Inccreasing width merely changes the shape of the contact patch. Making it wider rather than longer. This gives it more lateral traction. HOWEVER by having it wider than reccomended, the sidewalls flop, thereby decreasing predictability and decreasing the speed that you can go through a corner, thereby taking you backwards in terms of performance.

Fit the right size tyre and you will love it.

On an 8" rim, i'd probably fit 225/235 for general applications.

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Also, different tyres will sit differently on the rim due to their shape and construction. So just because Manufacturer A says that a 255 tyre will sit on an 8" rim doesn't mean Manufacturer B will.

Most non-useless tyre manufacturers will have a wheel fitment guide for their tyres. There's generally a 1.5" range for each of their tyres, but that's not always the case.

From my observations of the manufacturers' web sites, 255 width tyres have a minimum rim width of 8.5".

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