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Greddy Timer Install

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Hey all,

Installed this Greddy Timer today, pic below, and was wondering if there's anyone else out there who has it? I'm trying to work it out how to stop it playing the melody that happens on startup. I've worked out how to stop it beeping on each second it counts down but not at startup. I bought it second hand and don't have a manual =\

Cheers guys!


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MY wires were red, blue, green, brown and black.

Red = Power

Black = Earth

Blue and Green = Accessories and ON

Browrn = handbrake sensor (car stalls if running on Timer and someone takes hand brake off)

Greddy sent me an installation manual for the latest timer that worked for mine also, get it from the Greddy site.


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How bout some suggestions from someone who has the same model =D I'm not sure exactley what you're trying to say BlackR33 other than you have a newer model and don't have the same problem... well that' great but it doesn't help me now does it =D

heartbrkr: Thought of that, don't really wanna have to go that extreme, plus it could be one of those tiny sound making things on the PCB, as in not easily identifiable as a speaker, plus it could stop something else functioning =\

C'mon guys someone has gotta know!

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