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Hi Everyone , I'm A Newbie And Need Help .

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Hi everyone,

I dont currently own a skyline but am starting to look for one .

I have decided on the r33 gts-t .

I just want to ask a few questions about this model car ,Thanks

What is the most boost that can be safely run on stock internals ?

Is there any known problems with them , for example( gearboxes , engines , etc) ?

What times could i be looking at with a stock engine with add ons like - front mount , pod filter and little things like that ?

Thanks for your help ,


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The most you can safely get from stock internals is around the 250 kw mark but the standard turbo is limited to 12 or so psi which is around the 200 kw mark, thats with all the support mods.

200kw = 13s

250kw = low 13s/high 12s

if in doubt do a search!

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I have done and search and came up with , the r33 gbox is good and strong , but there was those posts about all the engine problems with all the rb's . Is there many people here that still give their car a hard time on stock internals without doing any damage even when the car gets old and up around the 150 - 200 000k mark ?

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