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Worst Engine Noise Ever!


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Was out cruising last night and i hit a rather nasty bump. As soon as i hit the bump my stereo developed a really nasty engine noise whenever the ignition is switched to ON.

I checked all the wiring at the amp and it is all fine. Could the rca's be shorting against the body of the car somewhere to cause this noise? Or could it be wiring at the back of the head unit coming loose?

I tried a ground loop isolator we had lying around at work today and it didn't make any difference.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know as driving around without music is driving me insane!!!


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If it was RCA's shorting, it would probably make a scratching noise where as "engine noise" is a whirring sort of sound that you will notice is in time with the car's RPM.

Things to check for:

1. Power cables too close to RCA's

2. Check that you have earthed the amp's properly. make sure to scratch away the paint underneath any amp mounting points. Apparently vaseline is good to help with earth conduction and also help prevent it rusting where you have removed the paint.

3. failing all that, try getting a noise suppressor for the altenator.


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Hi Psymonm

There are a few things that it could be, i would start be checking the following.

- Earthing points for your amplifiers - make sure they are clean and not loose at all.

- Earthing points for your head units

- Earthing points for your battery.

- Amp Power cable connection to your battery

- RCA connection at head unit and at amp

- RCA path to rear of car - especially under the back seat, they may have become pinched, cutting through the insulation and them allowing inducted or radiated noise in.

These are a few of the obvious ones.

really it is just a trial and error thing, there is no real one hit solution to engine noise as every car is different.

Good luck with it.



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