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Parts In Osaka/tokyo Areas


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Hi Y'all

Just wondering if anyone has gone shopping in Osaka or Tokyo areas for parts ,engines etc. for GT-Rs.

If anyone knows of some good spots to go I would be stoked


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Mike, thats a very broad area you are talking about.

Give us an idea of what sort of parts you are looking for and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Also, assuming you are going for a holiday, where will you be spending most of your time?



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Hello Blitz

Yeah I have a r33 gtr v and want to put a new motor in with all the bits ie n1 long motor r33 or r34 nur and gearbox . Original mtr 45k old probably could work that one but want a better one (old fool to much $)

I have heard you can get ones built . Can arrange my own shipping.

Just want to know reputable places to buy an engine with some personally speaking Tomei pistons HKS 2530's HKS V-cam,manifolds, dumps, plenum, etc . Might work out cheaper buying a fully built one?.

Do you know if Nismo sell them direct to the public. Tomei sell a few stages (bloody expensive). AG/Y sell gearboxes/engines There are a few others I have found on the net.

Sorry I didn't spell out what bits I wanted but hope this clarifies it .

Just wanting to here from you guys in Japan in the know and would appreciate your advise.

Was going on Saturday for a week but had to cancel it at the last minute.

Now I would rather spend more time over there as I used to travel there a lot in my twenties (80s) and hope to go for 3 weeks from around the 6th of September hopefully some car shows

Intend to use car on track and have a Sydneykid suspension kit going on shortly. Should be a hoot.

Any suggestions would be good.



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mike, to be honest I think you're much better off buying an engine here and building it with japanese parts.

you could buy and fit:

tomei or HKS 2.8 litre kit

replace oil and water pumps

sump mods

oil system mods


and have a motor better than an Nissan N1 motor and cost less. modifying cars and getting motors built in japan is expensive.

My friend is currently putting a new motor in his 32 GTR in japan. the motor was not too expensive new from nissan but by the time a few bits are done, and added and tuned etc you are looking at $20K... Plus a motor built in japan, if it fails what do you do? Better to look at one of the top shops here and hve one built with japanese parts.

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Thanks Beer Baron

I was thinking of wall thicknesses when you bore them out and didn' want any suprises later on.

Would changing out block only which isn't a lot of cash also my first thought be better or strip down original block and check it ( I am a spanner monkey) for cracks etc.

Doing my sums you could as you say build an engine better then say a tomei motor for less with some solid gear. Need a good machine shop.

Some N1 oil pumps are $400 others $900 which is the real deal.

Is buying bits in Japan and mailing it back to Oz any cheaper than internet buying if you are prepared to travel around.

Sorry for all the questions just gleaning more info for trip.

Thanks for your help


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actually depending on where you shop buying the stuff on line will be cheaper than japanese retail. unless you know people in japan or can speak some japanese to deal with performance shops it will be hard to get really cheap prices on stuff.

wall thickness is no big problem. if your engine has never been rebuilt before just go to 86.5mm bore that is only 0.25mm out of the wall thickness and with a 2.8 kit it will be nicer than most rebuilt 2.6s. without some language and lots of time and some contacts it's not worth wasting too much time in japan chasing cheap parts. there are so many other things worth doing. and with the advent of the internet you can shop just as cheaply from here :laugh:

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Thanks for your experience BeerBaron .

Sounds like a good plan

Should make the holiday more enjoyable now.

Thanks again


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yeah trying to tee up big parts like engines etc, add to that the language barrier, payment, organising shipping etc. also most companies will not be too willing to do something like that on a one off bassis. they are more interested in big, repeat customers. but by all means buy some parts, it can be fun too. but there is so much else to see, do, eat, drink, try in japan.

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I did get an email reply from a big shop offering a long eng r33 N1 or R34nur (whats the difference), for around Yen 560000 for either engine plus shipping customs

All together still big money I guess.

By the time you add on all the rest would'nt see much change out of er 20k.

Hope my blocks good ha ha.

Have good memories of Japan so the trip should be good


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