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Cd Player 300gt

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Hi all,

My wife's 300GT has decided to eat my Cd's.

The in dash 6 stack now comes up with a CD Err on the display.

Also the Cd Player can be heard making a clicking noise on start up of the car, I cannot get the Cd's out either.

All functions in regards to the Cd Player are not working everuthing else is fine,

No Audio shops will touch the car as they are not covered with insurance.

Any help what so ever, would be great,

Thanks Gang



This sort of thing never happens in my Antique GTR

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Yeah, go to g35driver.com. Some guys were smart in inserting even DVDs in there and there is a whole sequence to get the CD out. I once did it when pressed to many buttons and the CD player got confused and just chewed my CD.

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removal of the unit is easy- splitting it from the main unit is a bitch. splitting the CD and tape mechs is worse again.

what is broke is inside the CD mech and the whole lot has to be stripped. its not one for the faint hearted and best left to a tech

that knows how to fix them. do not ask me to do it.

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http://g35driver.com/forums/showthread.php...light=cd+jammed didnt work?

Worked for me...

some quotes from the cite that were of help to me:

"Press and HOLD the eject button even when it starts beeping. Mine ejected the discs finally and has worked fine ever since."

And if you are discouraged:

"Originally Posted by jist26

tried the hold eject method all i get are the beeps and the error msg,

but the other day it decided it wanted to spit up 2out of 6 of my cds.

That's exactly what mine did, but as I continued to hold it down, it spit out the disc after 10-20 seconds of holding the button."

It worked for me after like 10 minutes of pressing not only just the hold button, but other buttons also.... Search more on that website. I think there is another method somewhere there.

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  • 2 months later...

Sorry if im digging up an old thread.

This is happening to me also...on my newly imported V35 300GT so I haven't even had the luxury to listen to a CD yet.

All I hear is a clicking noise, ive tried to load in another cd but it doesn't even allow me.

Ive tried holding the eject button but that doesn't work also.

Is there any other suggestion...I was thinking of removing the deck but it looks integrated into the Dash.

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