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Power-fc Boost Control Not Working.

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Hey guys.

I just hooked up a PFC commander to my PFC, everything seems to be working fine except the boost control kit. It allows me to input the boost, gain ect except it is not responding. For example when I have the boost set at 0.5 bar with the gain on 15 and take it to full boost in third it hits around 16psi then holds at 15 all the way till i change gear. Can anyone suggest a solution. I have read the PFC faq and done a search, all to no avail.

As far as I know the turbo is stock, so if I cant control the boost my turbine wheel will be taking a holiday in no time.



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how is the boost kit connected (physical air lines)? (draw a diagram)

what pin kit do you have 3 or 5 ?

what car is it installed in ?

what value do you see for BOST under sensor/sw check?

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