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Another Greddy Plenum Question

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Am going to throw a greddy plenum (33 gtst version) onto my 34 gtt, and have been looking around for the 90mm q45 throttle body to throw on it. However my tuner has got a 90mm Ls1 throttle body lying around and he says we should be able to use that.

Has anyone used this throttle body before??

Other question, is there really that much benefit to be had in having the 90mm throttle body compared to just using the 70mm r33 tb with adaptor. Would like to know in case the whole 90mm Ls1 thing doesn't work out.


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I guess without a side by side flow or dyno comparo its not possible to tell. fwiw I mounted the same 90 mil throttle body to a greddy you are looking at with no probs other than the throttle cable is a bit of a bitch to set up but certainly doable.

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For the $200-250 i would just buy a Q45 throttle body, as the tps and bolt pattern will work without drama. Do you really want to redrill a $1000 manifold to try and save $200?

that's why i was asking, if someone has done it before and had troubles it would've been nice to know. The plan for now anyways is to get the plenum and see how it looks against the Ls1, if there is too much mucking around i'll just buy the q45, as you said, no point buying a 1000 dollar plenum and putting a bunch of holes through it. Will update this thread when it gets here.

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