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Reception Booster For Aerial In R32


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Hey guys

as title says, i'm after a booster to boost the reception for my aerial in my r32. I got the adapter i needed to convert the jap plug to the aus hole in the back of the stereo, but the reception isn't great. I've been told you can get reception boosters, i;m wondering whether anyone has done this, whether it works, and where they can be purchased?

Cheers :banana:

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how about you hook the spare blk/red wire up to your blu or blu/wht wire - 32 & 34 have this 'reception booster' fitted as STANDARD! :ninja:

Thanks Chris, i'll have a look for the spare blk/red wire and see if i have a blu/white wire too, thanks.

I think i bought my adaptor from you... haha weird, i didn't know you were on this forum :yes:

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