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Auto Meter Gauges Are They Correct?

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Hey all, had a check and cant find one,

Bought me an Auto Meter boost gauge ultra light mechanical series, fitted it to the vacuum line on the throtle body and getting an reading of 7 psi low boost and 14 psi high boost, yet my stock reads 6 psi low and 7+ on high would this be true?, as i am running a supposed stock R33 fresh import from Japan.

Parts fitted are,

Just Jap 3" turbo back dump,

Apexi pod,

Looks like an Nismo ECU havn't pulled it out yet,

Cant find any signs of boost controller or tampered waste gate, could it be from the ECU or maybe an High flow stock turbo any signs to know if it is?.


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Yeh ive got a r32 gtr and just finished putting in 3 auto meter guages in last night! (boost, oil temp, oil pressure)

They all look spot on to me. And yeh, original guage was in mmhg which meant nothing (to me at least) . Milligrams of mercury or something

On a side note, do your auto meter guages make this freakin annoying beeeeeeeep sound when you turn on the ignition ? Part of some 'test' feature im guessing when you first turn them on. its so shit

Also... does anyone know if the stock boost sensor is required for the ECU to operate correctly ? Now that i have aftermarket boost sensor/guage i dont see the need to keep the stock one unless the ECU needs it to run the engine efficiently

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thanks all

On a side note, do your auto meter guages make this freakin annoying beeeeeeeep sound when you turn on the ignition ? Part of some 'test' feature im guessing when you first turn them on. its so shit

nope no noises here havnt wired up the light yet but it only runs off the parkers so i cant see that as a problem, sounds like yours have the warning buzz and light for if it gets too hot.

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