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V35 Skyline Could Of Done Better?

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I was just thinking about what nissan could of done better to the car to make it look more beasty??

One thing caught my eye, and that was the SPEED GAUGE, REV GAUGE, TEMP GAUGE AND FUEL GAUGE.

They should of made them look like the nissan fuga, they look like porsche gauges. Each Gauge has individual partitions.

Copy and paste link in browser:


Now that looks fat!!!

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Fair enough... Yeah i think they should have got bigger brakes too... cant beleive they only got single piston front calipers.

Some have the Premium Edition that has the Brembo brake package.



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I was just thinking about what nissan could of done better to the car to make it look more beasty??

They could have made the front end look less retarded.

The back end is fine. Its not beautiful, but it can look quite aggressive (especially from low angles). But the front of the car looks like it was designed by a bunch of people who've never talked each other, or seen what beauty is.

Aside from that, I think the car is a handsome looking grand tourer.

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the rear can look a bit chunky from some angles, but that frunt bumper is very nice. the only thing i don't like about the front is the shape of the headlights..

The headlights are horrible, and with the way the front of the bonnet slopes down around the sides from some angles it looks like a person with fat lips blowing a raspberry. From other angles it just looks like someone sat on it and squashed it.

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