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S13/180sx Exhaust Similar To R32

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A friend of mines got HKS exhaust on his S13 and wondering if I can fit the exhaust to my R32 with few mods?

he's got from front pipe, which is obviously will be different, so Im guessing removing the front pipe and just use the cat to muffler.

Is it possible to fit without too much dramas...


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that superdraggers not a standard hks system been butchered its missing flanges and appears to go thin very quickly

there normally 80mm all the way to the cat from memory

trust me I had a jic bullet 32 system on my s13 so same same

from memory it was just pulled towards the front of the car a bit

i.e rubbers werent straight up and down they were slanted towards the front of the car

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The S13 HKS one has been hacked to fit no more flanges

the R32 which I almost bought, had a biggest dent on the muffler, it had 3.5" from muffler then back down to 3" to cat

So I'll test the waters and let you guys know how I go

will report back if its really just a minor mod to fit S13 catback exhaust to R32

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