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Xf Throttle Body On R33 Accelerator Cable

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Hi guys

i had a search and most posts, related to what tps to use as the xf tps goes the opposite direction.

To the people that have put the xf throttle body on a r33:

I curious as to what the go is with the accelerator cable, if the standard one can be still used or is it better off getting another one?

i have a rb30 tps and waiting for the xf throttle body to arrive in the post.

Im guessing theres different hoses i will need to get to hook up??

any pics that anyone has would be great.

Also update on mods, i have got a gt30r turbo now, and a 45mm turbosmart progate, which will be sitting on a similar style manifold as extremes.

I will also be getting a similar style plazmaman plenum made and a widemouth dump pipe.

Im in the middle of biddin on tomei poncams so hopefully that goes to plan. Engine will still be stock until it blows. Will be hopin to make close to 300rwkw

this should be all getting put on and ready to drive within 2 weeks. Been eagerly waiting to get my car on the road for 6 months now.

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i had a look at a r33 TB. the xf one i have appears to be the same size, although i haven't measured it to be exact yet. the xf has a slightly bigger mouth i think but the butterfly is about the same.

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