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Acceleration Flat?

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Apologies , unsure where to post

I would of done an immediate search if I knew what exactly was wrong with my car, no specfic keyword to search

Could anyone please help diagnose the problem it would be greatly apperciated

Problem is....... When I accelerate at full throttle FIRST time, car feels normal, I can feel the boost kick

Decelerate and full throttle for a SECOND time and the acceleration feels very flat... I hit boost but there is no kick to it

... furthermore the exhaust sounds dull the second time

what may be wrong?

Thank you

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do you have an aftermarket boost controller? if you do it is more than likely slightly blocked. it is a common problem with the turbosmart manual boost controllers. what happens is that you boost up and the pressure opens the wastegate. when you lift off the pressure between the controller and the wastegate is supposed to vent ou, but it doesn't, which keeps the actuator open, so when you stomp on the gas again all the air goes out the wastegate instead of spooling up the turbo first.

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mad082 thanks for the reply..

matter of fact i do have a turbosmart manual boost controllers, I will have a look at it tonight.. hope that solves the problem

much apperciated mate

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