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Head Reconditioning

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Terry at QIM (Queenbeyan Industrial Motors) did my exhaust porting and decked and checked my hydraulics, from memory it was about $900, but that included replacing all of the seals, porting the exhaust ports (got about 5-10% more flow from it) and checking the hydraulics.

Hes really good to get advice from as hes been around since engines were first made :thumbsup: Great customer service.

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Sweet, now who (who knows what their doing) wants to help me rip the head off the engine for beer\cash? :)

Ive already pulled everything off the intake side, next comes the exhaust, its the front of the engine thats got me worried, so many freakin pulleys n sh!t!

Got all of the general tools (socket sets, spanners, torque wrenches, air tools etc), nothing engine specific..

Why cant this engine be as simple as my 383 V8! :P

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